65 Good Beauty and Makeup Blogs with Uniquely Cute Names

Are you searching for a big list of really creative beauty blog names to give you naming ideas for the new blog you’re planning to start about cosmetics, making up and being awesomely glamourous?

If so, you’ve just found it, as we’ve got a compilation of 65 beauty focused blogs that use a range of naming styles to come up with catchily clever names.

Regardless of whether you prefer witty puntastic names, slightly quirky ones, or unusually interesting word combinations, hopefully you’ll find these examples helpful in inspiring your own.

  1. Naturalla Beauty (http://naturallabeauty.com/)
  2. Makeupd0ll (http://www.makeupd0ll.com/)
  3. Fashion Masquerade (http://www.fashionmasquerade.com/)
  4. Pretty Gossip (http://prettygossip.com/)
  5. Genuine Glow (http://genuineglow.com/)
  6. Daydreaming Beauty (http://daydreamingbeauty.com/)
  7. Cosmetic Sanctuary (http://www.cosmeticsanctuary.com/)
  8. Nail Polish Wars (http://www.nailpolishwars.com/)
  9. Blissful Beautyisms (http://www.blissfulbeautyisms.blogspot.com/)
  10. Let Them Have Polish! (http://www.letthemhavepolish.com/)
  11. Justina’s Gems (http://www.justinasgems.com/)
  12. The Dalai Lama’s Nails (http://www.thedalailamasnails.com/)
  13. Beauty Gala (http://www.beautygala.com/)
  14. All The Many Layers (http://www.allthemanylayers.com/)
  15. Vampy Varnish (http://www.vampyvarnish.com/)
  16. Lipsticks & Jeans (http://www.lipsticksandjeans.com/)
  17. Sheer Beauty Blog (http://sheerbeautyblog.blogspot.com/)
  18. Beauty Junkies Unite (http://beautyjunkiesunite.com/)
  19. Super Glam News (http://superglamnews.com/)
  20. Remotely Fashion (http://remotelyfashion.blogspot.co.uk/)
  21. The Pink Skirt (http://www.thepinkskirt.com/)
  22. Painted Ladies (http://www.painted-ladies.com/)
  23. Blinging Beauty (http://blingingbeauty.com/)
  24. Shameless Fripperies (http://www.shamelessfripperies.com/)
  25. Citizens Of Beauty (http://www.citizensofbeauty.com/)
  26. Macarons And Mischief (http://macaronsandmischief.com/)
  27. Olive + Hazel (http://www.oliveandhazel.com/)
  28. Sarah Sequins (http://sarahsequins.blogspot.com/)
  29. Politics Of Pretty (http://www.politicsofpretty.com/)
  30. Makeup Magpie (http://www.makeupmagpie.com/)
  31. Beautezine (http://www.beautezine.com/)
  32. Your Beauty Fix (http://www.yourbeautyfixmag.com/)
  33. All Lacquered Up (http://www.alllacqueredup.com/)
  34. Makeup Geek (http://makeupgeek.com/)
  35. Blushing Basics (http://www.blushingbasics.com/)
  36. Beauty Down South (http://www.beautydownsouth.com/)
  37. Beautiful Makeup Search (http://www.beautifulmakeupsearch.com/)
  38. The Beauty Delicacy (http://beautydelicacy.com/)
  39. A Thing Of Beauty (http://athingof-beauty.blogspot.com/)
  40. My Beauty Bunny (http://www.mybeautybunny.com/)
  41. Getting Cheeky (http://www.gettingcheeky.com/)
  42. Genuine Glow (http://genuineglow.com/)
  43. Glamorable! (http://glamorable.com/)
  44. AllThingsBee (http://www.allthingsbee.com/)
  45. Glow Of Grace (http://www.glowofgrace.com/)
  46. Southern Glamourista (http://southernglamourista.blogspot.com/)
  47. BeautyXposé (http://beautyxpose.com/)
  48. BellBelleBella (http://www.bellbellebella.com/)
  49. Love 2 Primp (http://love2primp.org/)
  50. Glam Morena (http://www.glam-morena.com/)
  51. Bit By The Beauty Bug (http://www.bitbythebeautybug.com/)
  52. Cosmetish (http://www.cosmetish.com/)
  53. Glitter And Unicorns (http://www.glitterandunicorns.com/)
  54. TheFantasia (http://thefantasia.com/)
  55. Will Work For Makeup (http://willworkformakeup.blogspot.com/)
  56. Slashed Beauty (http://www.mirandasmakeup.blogspot.com/)
  57. Let Them Have Polish! (http://www.letthemhavepolish.com/)
  58. Scandalous Beauty (http://www.scandalousbeautyonline.com/)
  59. Beauty Professor (http://www.beautyprofessor.net/)
  60. Cafe Makeup (http://cafemakeup.com/)
  61. Royally Pink (http://royallypink.blogspot.com/)
  62. VioletArtistry (http://violetartistry.com/)
  63. Lipstick & Lace (http://lipstickndlace.blogspot.com/)
  64. Beauty Sundae (http://www.beautysundae.com/)
  65. Blushing Noir (http://www.blushingnoir.com/)

You may not think some of them are particularly good, and that’s expected, but just bear in mind the names that appeal to you may not be appreciated by others with a different taste.

As such, when you create your name, make sure you know your targeted audience’s tastes and preferences in order to craft a name that connects with them meaningfully.

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  1. Andee

    Wow !!! thank you so much … that is an incredible list of fashion blogs

    it’s given me lots of awesome ideas for the new blog i am going to start

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