Names of the Best 99 Fashion, Beauty and related Blogs in 2012

One of the best ways to get inspiration when you’re trying to find a good blog name is to take a look at what the best blogs are called.

There are numerous sources listing their opinions of the Top10, Top100 or some other number of top fashion blogs, and there are lots of debates on which blogs should or shouldn’t be included in these lists.

For the purposes of this article, we have chosen to go with the list of Top 99 Most Influential Fashion & Beauty Blogs compiled by Signature9, as it includes a wide range of metrics in determining the blog rankings.

As you can see, there’s a broad range of naming strategies that have been adopted, from catchy ones such as ‘High Snobiety’ or ‘The Blonde Salad’, to obvious ones like ‘Fashionista’ or ‘Styleist’, and other quirkier names like ‘The Man Repeller’ which will inevitably perk most people’s interest.

When you go through the list of names in order of their rank, it is very evident that there is no single naming method that differentiates the absolute best blogs from the rest.

Take a look for yourself. Here are the names of the Top 99 Fashion, Beauty and related Lifestyle Blogs in 2012:

  1. The Sartorialist
  2. Hypebeast
  3. Refinery29
  4. Fashionista
  5. High Snobiety
  6. Stylelist
  7. Fashion Toast
  8. Garotas Estupidas
  9. Cupcakes And Cashmere
  10. The Man Repeller
  11. Garance Dore
  12. Jak & Jil
  13. The Cherry Blossom Girl
  14. Advanced Style
  15. The Blonde Salad
  16. Nice Kicks
  17. From Me To You
  18. Fashion Gone Rogue
  19. Temptalia
  20. Nerd Boyfriend
  21. Selectism
  22. A Beautiful Mess
  23. Honestly…Wtf
  24. Style Scrapbook
  25. Showstudio
  26. Coco Perez
  27. Redcarpet Fashion Awards
  28. Naturally Curly
  29. Le Blog De Betty
  30. P.S. – I Made This…
  31. Facehunter
  32. Go Fug Yourself
  33. The Cut
  34. Atlantic Pacific
  35. Racked
  36. Fabsugar
  37. The Purse Blog
  38. Street Etiquette
  39. Fashionismo
  40. Hel Looks
  41. College Fashion
  42. Bryan Boy
  43. Gala Darling
  44. Sea Of Shoes
  45. Street Peeper
  46. What I Wore
  47. Curly Nikki
  48. Fashionlogie
  49. Styleite
  50. Shefinds
  51. Style Bubble
  52. Japanese Streets
  53. Love Maegan
  54. Put This On
  55. Independent Fashion Bloggers
  56. The Coveteur
  57. Bella Sugar
  58. A Continuous Lean
  59. The Fashionisto
  60. Trendencias
  61. The Glamourai
  62. Julia Petit
  63. Just Lia
  64. Dulce Candy
  65. A Shaded View On Fashion
  66. The Fashion Bomb
  67. Makeup Geek
  68. Kenzas
  69. Lala Rudge E Maria Rudge
  70. Les Mads
  71. The Business Of Fashion
  72. Style By Kling
  73. Caronlines Mode
  74. Anna Dello Russo
  75. Pandora
  76. Fashion Indie
  77. Who What Wear
  78. Makeup And Beauty Blog
  79. High Snobette
  80. Luxirare
  81. Fashion Squad
  82. Into The Gloss
  83. Kate Loves Me
  84. The Budget Fashionista
  85. The Cobra Snake
  86. Elle News Blog
  87. Bag Snob
  88. Tokyo Fashion
  89. Hanneli
  90. Ben Trovato Blog
  91. Song Of Style
  92. The Glitter Guide
  93. Chata De Galocha
  94. Glam4you
  95. Swide (Dolce &Amp; Gabbana)
  96. Kingdom Of Style
  97. Fashion Etc.
  98. Stil In Berlin
  99. Because I’m Addicted

What are some of the names you like best?

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