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65 Good Beauty and Makeup Blogs with Uniquely Cute Names

Are you searching for a big list of really creative beauty blog names to give you naming ideas for the new blog you’re planning to start about cosmetics, making up and being awesomely glamourous?

If so, you’ve just found it, as we’ve got a compilation of 65 beauty focused blogs that use a range of naming styles to come up with catchily clever names.

Regardless of whether you prefer witty puntastic names, slightly quirky ones, or unusually interesting word combinations, hopefully you’ll find these examples helpful in inspiring your own.

  1. Naturalla Beauty (
  2. Makeupd0ll (
  3. Fashion Masquerade (
  4. Pretty Gossip (
  5. Genuine Glow (
  6. Daydreaming Beauty (
  7. Cosmetic Sanctuary (
  8. Nail Polish Wars (
  9. Blissful Beautyisms (
  10. Let Them Have Polish! (
  11. Justina’s Gems (
  12. The Dalai Lama’s Nails (
  13. Beauty Gala (
  14. All The Many Layers (
  15. Vampy Varnish (
  16. Lipsticks & Jeans (
  17. Sheer Beauty Blog (
  18. Beauty Junkies Unite (
  19. Super Glam News (
  20. Remotely Fashion (
  21. The Pink Skirt (
  22. Painted Ladies (
  23. Blinging Beauty (
  24. Shameless Fripperies (
  25. Citizens Of Beauty (
  26. Macarons And Mischief (
  27. Olive + Hazel (
  28. Sarah Sequins (
  29. Politics Of Pretty (
  30. Makeup Magpie (
  31. Beautezine (
  32. Your Beauty Fix (
  33. All Lacquered Up (
  34. Makeup Geek (
  35. Blushing Basics (
  36. Beauty Down South (
  37. Beautiful Makeup Search (
  38. The Beauty Delicacy (
  39. A Thing Of Beauty (
  40. My Beauty Bunny (
  41. Getting Cheeky (
  42. Genuine Glow (
  43. Glamorable! (
  44. AllThingsBee (
  45. Glow Of Grace (
  46. Southern Glamourista (
  47. BeautyXposé (
  48. BellBelleBella (
  49. Love 2 Primp (
  50. Glam Morena (
  51. Bit By The Beauty Bug (
  52. Cosmetish (
  53. Glitter And Unicorns (
  54. TheFantasia (
  55. Will Work For Makeup (
  56. Slashed Beauty (
  57. Let Them Have Polish! (
  58. Scandalous Beauty (
  59. Beauty Professor (
  60. Cafe Makeup (
  61. Royally Pink (
  62. VioletArtistry (
  63. Lipstick & Lace (
  64. Beauty Sundae (
  65. Blushing Noir (

You may not think some of them are particularly good, and that’s expected, but just bear in mind the names that appeal to you may not be appreciated by others with a different taste.

As such, when you create your name, make sure you know your targeted audience’s tastes and preferences in order to craft a name that connects with them meaningfully.

Names and URLs of the Top 40 Fashion Tumblr Blogs

It’s hard to find a really great name for your new fashion blog on Tumblr, especially when most of the good names are already taken, and there’s so much conflicting advice on what you should and should not do. Hopefully, we’re going to help you find the answers you need by reviewing the names and website addresses of the leading fashion related Tumblogs.

A large number of the best fashion blogs are exclusively on Tumblr, and even if some of the big brands have their own websites or blogs, they’ve still got a presence on the micoblogging and social networking site. So, by exploring the naming styles and URLs of these blogs, you should get a clear picture of what to call your blog, and how to choose an appropriate Tumblr username or domain name for it.

As you go through the list, there are quite a few noteworthy points to look out for:

1. Personal, Brandable and Descriptive Names

Basically, there are 2 main types of names with regards to the words used to compose it. The first is a brandable name that consists of a unique and made up word, name or brand, including a person’s name. And the other is a descriptive name that contains generic words used in a descriptive way according to its literal meaning.

As such, a descriptive naming technique that produces names like ‘Another Fashion Book’, ‘Models Off Duty’, and ‘The Business of Fashion’, is one option to be considered when choosing how to name your blog. You could also take this method one step further, and instead of a succinct 2 or 3 word generic name, there’s the option to use a longer phrase, question or statement as a blog’s name, like ‘What Do I Wear’, ‘But I’m a Tomboy’ or ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’.

Alternatively, you could use your own name to be your blog’s name, such as ‘Alex Chung’, ‘Danni Se Valor’, ‘Erin Fetherstone’, ‘Eva Chen’ or ‘Stefano Gabanna’. Or, come up with a unique name that’s as one of a kind as possible, like ‘Backyard Bill’, ‘Styled On’, ‘Oh So Coco’, and ‘Fashion Coolture’.

2. Blog Names & Tumblr URLs or Website Addresses

One of the most misunderstood and often confused issues about Tumblr blog naming, is the relationship and difference between a blog’s name and its Internet website address or URL.

Evidently, they can both be exactly the same (such as ‘Create The Group’ and or they can be different (like ‘A Textbook to Fashion’ and Most of the time, when they’re not the same, it is because an abbreviated version of the longer name is used in the URL. For example, The Council of Fashion Designers of America is shortened to just CFDA in its Web address at, which is a lot easier to remember and type.

Where possible, it is better if both of them are the same, but when a blog’s name is too long, there are advantages to shortening the name for the URL if it’s possible. However, it really depends on the name and the nature of the abbreviation. For instance, acronyms such as CFDA are an appropriate way to name the site’s URL, as The Council of Fashion Designers of America may be known as CFDA anyway. But, for a name like ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’, the essence of the name may be lost if it’s edited down to DHYWTD.

3. Domain Names vs Tumblr URLs

Another interesting thing you’ll notice from the 40 URLs of the top Tumblr fashion blogs is the different type of domain names and formats used. The most common is the regular free sub-domain provided by Tumblr, such as or, but blog owners who understand and value the significance of branding will find it important to host their Tumblogs under their own domain name like,, and

If you’re in two minds about whether you should get your own domain, go ahead and get it. You may not have to use it immediately, but the last thing you want is to have someone else register it before you do. And in case you’re unaware, always go for the dot com (.com), as that’s the most widely used and recognized domain extension.

4. Short vs Long Names

A well-created name that’s lengthy is certainly as good as any other name, but on the whole, names that are short, sweet and simple are easier to remember.

Almost all of the names in this Top 40 list are relatively short comprising of two to three words at most, which is the sweet spot as far as blog names go. But for the sake of comparison, you can see how names like Elle or StyledOn are a lot more elegant and in a totally different league compared to ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’ or ‘But I’m a Tomboy’.

The longer and quirkier names may be cooler in some respects, but they may not be as timeless as something like ‘Milk Studios’ or ‘Les Femmes’, which are just high quality and indisputably solid brand names. In between, names like ‘Fashion Gone Rogue’ and ‘Oh So Coco’ are also good names that are creative and should resonate with a fashion centric audience perfectly.

Okay, without any further delay, here are the names of the Top Fashion Blogs on Tumblr you’ve been looking for. Do note that they are simply listed alphabetically and not in order of quality or popularity.

  1. A Textbook to Fashion (
  2. Alex Chung ID (
  3. Another Fashion Book (
  4. Art She Said (
  5. Backyard Bill (
  6. But I’m a Tomboy (
  7. Carolina Prep (
  8. Cat Lady Soul (
  9. Council of Fashion Designers of America (
  10. Create the Group (
  11. Danni Se_valor (
  12. Dress How You Want to Dress (
  13. Elle (
  14. Erin Fetherston (
  15. Eva Chen (
  16. F*ck Yeah Chubby Fashion (
  17. Fashion Coolture (
  18. Fashion Gone Rogue (
  19. Giambattista Valli (
  20. Les Femmes (
  21. McQ (
  22. Milk Studios (
  23. Models Off Duty (
  24. Nickel Cobalt (
  25. Nicola Formichetto (
  26. Nova Style (
  27. Oh So Coco (
  28. OMG that dress! (
  29. Oscar PR Girl (
  30. Pulp Girls Vintage (
  31. Regular Ol Ty (
  32. Stefano Gabanna (
  33. Styled On (
  34. Suz in the City (
  35. The Business of Fashion (
  36. The Style Student (
  37. The Vegan Fashionista (
  38. V Magazine (
  39. What Do I Wear (
  40. What I Wore (

What are some of your favorite Fashion blogs on Tumblr or anywhere else on the Internet? Post them in the comments section below to share more naming ideas for other readers who are looking for inspiration on what to call their blog.

Names of the Best 99 Fashion, Beauty and related Blogs in 2012

One of the best ways to get inspiration when you’re trying to find a good blog name is to take a look at what the best blogs are called.

There are numerous sources listing their opinions of the Top10, Top100 or some other number of top fashion blogs, and there are lots of debates on which blogs should or shouldn’t be included in these lists.

For the purposes of this article, we have chosen to go with the list of Top 99 Most Influential Fashion & Beauty Blogs compiled by Signature9, as it includes a wide range of metrics in determining the blog rankings.

As you can see, there’s a broad range of naming strategies that have been adopted, from catchy ones such as ‘High Snobiety’ or ‘The Blonde Salad’, to obvious ones like ‘Fashionista’ or ‘Styleist’, and other quirkier names like ‘The Man Repeller’ which will inevitably perk most people’s interest.

When you go through the list of names in order of their rank, it is very evident that there is no single naming method that differentiates the absolute best blogs from the rest.

Take a look for yourself. Here are the names of the Top 99 Fashion, Beauty and related Lifestyle Blogs in 2012:

  1. The Sartorialist
  2. Hypebeast
  3. Refinery29
  4. Fashionista
  5. High Snobiety
  6. Stylelist
  7. Fashion Toast
  8. Garotas Estupidas
  9. Cupcakes And Cashmere
  10. The Man Repeller
  11. Garance Dore
  12. Jak & Jil
  13. The Cherry Blossom Girl
  14. Advanced Style
  15. The Blonde Salad
  16. Nice Kicks
  17. From Me To You
  18. Fashion Gone Rogue
  19. Temptalia
  20. Nerd Boyfriend
  21. Selectism
  22. A Beautiful Mess
  23. Honestly…Wtf
  24. Style Scrapbook
  25. Showstudio
  26. Coco Perez
  27. Redcarpet Fashion Awards
  28. Naturally Curly
  29. Le Blog De Betty
  30. P.S. – I Made This…
  31. Facehunter
  32. Go Fug Yourself
  33. The Cut
  34. Atlantic Pacific
  35. Racked
  36. Fabsugar
  37. The Purse Blog
  38. Street Etiquette
  39. Fashionismo
  40. Hel Looks
  41. College Fashion
  42. Bryan Boy
  43. Gala Darling
  44. Sea Of Shoes
  45. Street Peeper
  46. What I Wore
  47. Curly Nikki
  48. Fashionlogie
  49. Styleite
  50. Shefinds
  51. Style Bubble
  52. Japanese Streets
  53. Love Maegan
  54. Put This On
  55. Independent Fashion Bloggers
  56. The Coveteur
  57. Bella Sugar
  58. A Continuous Lean
  59. The Fashionisto
  60. Trendencias
  61. The Glamourai
  62. Julia Petit
  63. Just Lia
  64. Dulce Candy
  65. A Shaded View On Fashion
  66. The Fashion Bomb
  67. Makeup Geek
  68. Kenzas
  69. Lala Rudge E Maria Rudge
  70. Les Mads
  71. The Business Of Fashion
  72. Style By Kling
  73. Caronlines Mode
  74. Anna Dello Russo
  75. Pandora
  76. Fashion Indie
  77. Who What Wear
  78. Makeup And Beauty Blog
  79. High Snobette
  80. Luxirare
  81. Fashion Squad
  82. Into The Gloss
  83. Kate Loves Me
  84. The Budget Fashionista
  85. The Cobra Snake
  86. Elle News Blog
  87. Bag Snob
  88. Tokyo Fashion
  89. Hanneli
  90. Ben Trovato Blog
  91. Song Of Style
  92. The Glitter Guide
  93. Chata De Galocha
  94. Glam4you
  95. Swide (Dolce &Amp; Gabbana)
  96. Kingdom Of Style
  97. Fashion Etc.
  98. Stil In Berlin
  99. Because I’m Addicted

What are some of the names you like best?

Cute Blog Name Ideas from 11 Fashion Blogs

Depending on your personal taste, there are a few strategies on how to create a cute fashion blog name.

If you’re looking for an ‘adorable puppy’ or ‘pretty cupcake’ type of cute, try using descriptive adjectives or words which are themselves cute and combine them with the fashion theme of your blog (ie Purse Pixie, Shoe Bunny or Fluffy Stuff).

Alternatively, if you’re after a witty and cleverly cute name, then you’ll have to be more creative and play around with interesting word combinations to produce a unique and quirky name (ie The Glamorous Bee or Chic Armoire).

To get your creative ideas flowing, here’s a selection of cute-ish names used by 11 fashion bloggers:

  1. Chic Armoire – This is clever and cute. An armoire is an ornate or antique wardrobe, so this name could be branded as destination for chic vintage clothing or used in a more general way for any fashion topics.
  2. Frappelattes – Unless there’s a deeper meaning, this made up name sounds like it was conjured up at a cafe in between a cup of Frappucino & Latte. It’s cute and unique but there’s no immediate connection with fashion.
  3. The Glamorous Bee – We don’t think of bees being glamorous, just as birds are not often thought to be angry. These types of names work well when they ar properly combined.
  4. Fluffy Stuff – Fashion or otherwise, anything fluffy or seemingly so is almost instantly cute. The assonance from the double ff’s certainly make it a lot cuter.
  5. Wrapped in Pink – This may not have a super high cuteness factor but it’s a great name for a blog that allows the writer to cover lots of topics.
  6. Shoebunny – If you want to cutify any blog’s name, just add a bunny to any other word. It doesn’t even need to be fluffy.
  7. Pearls & Caramel – An example of a ‘this and that’ name. Just pick 2 sweet sounding words and you’ll have a cutish name. This one is quite average though.
  8. Curls N Pearls – This assonantal name is cool, clever and unique, especially since there’s a different spelling for the parts of these 2 words that rhyme.
  9. Purse Pixie – Combining a nice sounding alliteration with a pixie is sure to produce a name that has a solid cuteness score.
  10. A Pretty Thought – A nice, simple and cleverish name. Thoughts are normally happy, sad or imaginative perhaps, but rarely considered to be pretty, so this is a nice bit of word play.
  11. Rambling Brooke – Not sure if Brooke’s ramblings have any of Babbling Brook’s meditative effects, but the name is cute enough to attract you to check out her rambles.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the reviews of these names. Even if some of them are not your cup of tea, they should have given you ideas on how to improve and adapt them to suit your style and the content of your blog.

Please feel free to contribute to this list, or share your feedback on these or any other cute fashion blog names by making a comment below.

14 Examples of Good Fashion Blog Names

Need ideas on how to make the name for your blog really cool? Check out the names of these 14 fashion, beauty and lifestyle related blogs.

There’s a mix of something for everyone. There are clever names, simple names, descriptive names, made up names and cool fashionable names that are memorable.

  1. Fashables – What do you do when ‘Fashionable’ is too long, too generic and you’re blogging about all things that are in fashion? Make it Fashables
  2. WhoWhatWear – A simple wordplay on Who-What-Where. Effective, relevant and memorable.
  3. Satisfashion – A clever idea of mixing Satisfaction with Fashion that’s produced a really great name. A perfect fit.
  4. I’ll Take Both – A lot of readers will resonate with this as we’ve all said this at some time when we can’t make our minds up or when we really like an item.
  5. Thrifty Cent – Nice relevant mix of 2 money oriented words that complement each other. A real bonus for thrifty to sound like fifty as well. Or is it fiddy.
  6. Pampered Passions – A well designed alliterative name with 2 words that fit nicely in describing what fashion fanatics do all day.
  7. Intimate Fashion – Nothing quirky or loud about this one, just simple and straight to the point, but effective nonetheless.
  8. Passion for Fashion – A nice sounding assonance with words that clearly communicate what the blog is all about. Been used quite a bit but still a good name.
  9. Brooklyn Blonde – A great name where each word tells you a bit about the blogger, and together, a brand is born.
  10. Glamour Goddess – Alliterations with relevant words are normally the foundations of a good name, this is one of them.
  11. The Budget Babe – Simple, rolls of the tongue nicely and gets the message across, all the ingredients of an awesome name.
  12. Visual Therapy – Memorable for those who need ‘retail therapy’ once in a while and those who don’t. Good names make sense to most people.
  13. Second Hand Shopper – Some may feel this is boring, others might think it’s quite catchy, but this descriptive name does work well.
  14. Obsessed – It’s short and been used as a brand for copious other things, but it will certainly resonate with potential readers on what they feel about fashion.

What’s your pick of the lot? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell us which are the best names in your opinion.

Better still, if you know any other really cool names for fashion blogs which should be added to this list, just fire away so we can create the ultimate list of names for fashion bloggers.

Be as Detailed as Possible when using Descriptive Names for Niche Blogs

Whenever it is possible, you should try to use a name for your blog that is as accurate as possible in describing your content so that your intended audience can find you easily and other visitors are not misled into thinking you offer something that you don’t.

Although you intend to start a fashion blog and you’ve decided to use a descriptive naming strategy, you don’t necessarily need to use the word ‘fashion’ in the name.

Women’s Leather Boots

This is because you want to be as unique as possible and try to describe precisely what your blog offers to its readers. For example, you may be a leather boots fanatic and most of your blog is going to cover the latest fashion in women’s leather boots.

The Fashion Blog

In this case, if you go for an overly generic name like ‘The Fashion Blog, it’s not going to be appropriate because visitors who come looking for general fashion information are not going to find it, and people who are truly interested in leather boots for girls are not going to know that’s what you focus on when they see your blog’s name.

Footwear Fashion Trends

Something like ‘Footwear Fashion Trends’ may be a little more appropriate since you’re zooming in on shoes, but it’s still a bit misleading as you’re only offering content about one particular type of footwear. Furthermore, even when it comes to that specific type of footwear, namely boots, you’re only going to talk about ‘leather boots’, and to top it all off, you’re not even going to discuss men’s boots but only leather boots for women.

Trendy Women’s Leather Boots

Ideally, you should go with something like ‘Trendy Women’s Leather Boots’ and try to zero in as tightly as possible if you’re going to be a blogger who concentrates on offering detailed content around a specific niche or sub-niche.

Some of you may be concerned that a name like ‘Trendy Women’s Leather Boots’ with 4 words is too long for a blog’s name. Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big issue at all. In fact, when you’re starting out, it’s normally a good idea to be as niched or focused as possible in order to establish yourself as the authority in an area where you have a lot of knowledge and bucket loads of passion and interest.

10 Creative Ideas for Naming a Fashion Blog without using the word Fashion

Basic descriptive keyword names are suited for some names but a lot of more adventurous bloggers prefer a cleverer and more sophisticated name for their blog.

Here are a bunch of innovative ideas with suggestions for anyone who’s looking for a name for a fashion related blog that’s all about leather clothing and footwear.

  1. Use generic words to describe your blog’s focus (ie ‘Skin Tight Leather’)
  2. Use a playful twist to your descriptive keywords (ie. ‘Skin Tight Feathers’)
  3. Use the suffix from Fashionista and attach it to your focus (ie ‘Leatherista’)
  4. Use a nice sounding alliteration like ‘Luscious Leather’ or ‘Stylish Skins’
  5. Combine two or more areas of your blog’s focus (ie ‘Leather & Lace’)
  6. Use a related theme such as animals (ie. ‘Sheepish Crocs & Cows’)
  7. Use a clever play on words that are relevant (ie ‘Hide & Skins’)
  8. Create a funny name like ‘Beather Loots’ for a blog about ‘leather boots’
  9. Use your own name or a pen name (ie ‘Leather Lucy’ or ‘Larry Leather’)
  10. Use a city name which is relevant (ie. ‘Seattle Skins’ or ‘Leathery London’)

Obviously, you can apply these ideas to create cool names for all kinds of blogs (in any other topic other than fashion, leathers or boots) as long as it makes sense.

For instance, the strategy of adding ‘ista’ as a suffix may be more suited to the fashion world since ‘fashionista’ is an existing and popular word. So, if you’re doing a food blog and you apply the same idea to create ‘foodista’, it may not have the same impact as adding ‘ista’ to a fashion related word.

Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are and your command of the English language (or the native language for your blog), you can spend lots of time to craft an amazingly creative and authentic name or just emulate a few ideas that you like and apply it to your niche to see what works best.

At the end of the day, just remember to have fun playing around with words to find your perfect name. The 10 suggestions above will certainly get you going, so get your thinking caps on and enjoy yourself.

17 Basic Descriptive Naming Strategies for a Fashion Blog

One of the most effective ways of naming a blog is to describe what its about by using specific keywords that refer to the blog’s primary focus in terms of its content.

Alternatively, the name may describe aspects of the blogger’s character, outlook, where they are from, or some combination of the blog’s main topic and specific details about the author.

To give you an idea of some descriptive naming techniques, here are 17 examples of such names for fashion blogs:

  1. Add the word ‘Blog’ to your blog’s main area of focus (ie. ‘Fashion Blog’)
  2. Add the word ‘The’ in front for further emphasis (ie. ‘The Fashion Blog’)
  3. Use the word ‘Blogger’ instead of ‘Blog’ (ie ‘Fashion Blogger’)
  4. Use the word ‘Journal’ instead of ‘Blog’ (ie ‘The Fashion Journal’)
  5. If you’re focused specifically on news, call it something like ‘Fashion Newsdesk’
  6. If you’re offering instructional information, name it ‘The Fashion Guide’
  7. If you want to claim to be an authority, try ‘The Fashion Guru’
  8. If you intend to offer tips & advice, say so with ‘Fashion Tips and Advice’
  9. For a blog that covers everything, use a name like ‘The Fashion Zone’
  10. Alternative general names are ‘Fashion Central’ or ‘The Fashion Site’
  11. If you’re going to have everything that’s fashionable, consider ‘All Fashion’
  12. To be more specific on a particular niche, make it clear (ie. ‘Retro Fashion Blog’)
  13. Going to be critical about the industry? How about ‘The Fashion Critic’.
  14. Aiming to be like a magazine? Consider ‘The Fashion Mag’ or ‘Fashion Magazine’
  15. Only going to write about shoes? Use something like ‘Footwear Fashion Blog’
  16. Thinking of revisiting the past? How about ‘Old-School Fashion’?
  17. Gonna zero in on the clothes you wear? Just go with ‘My Fashion’

If you’d like to add your suggestions to this list, please enter them in the comments section below.

Get Feedback & Suggestions for your Fashion Blog’s Name

Are you trying to find an awesome name for your new fashion blog or wondering whether you’ve got a cute name for your existing blog?

If so, just post what sort of feedback or help you’d like in the comments section below to let our team and other readers contribute cool names, thoughts and suggestions.

Regardless of whether you’re totally lost for ideas on what to call your new site, or maybe you’ve narrowed down a list of options and want to gather opinions on which one is best, come and tap on our community to give you a hand.

Or, you might be thinking about changing your blog’s name to one that sounds way cooler but can’t make up your mind on whether you should take the leap, just post the details to get free feedback.

Note: Please try to share as much details as possible. For example, if you’d like name suggestions, it’s a good idea to share what your blog will be focusing on, examples of other names you like and some information about yourself as the blogger who’s writing the blog.