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Names and URLs of the Top 40 Fashion Tumblr Blogs

It’s hard to find a really great name for your new fashion blog on Tumblr, especially when most of the good names are already taken, and there’s so much conflicting advice on what you should and should not do. Hopefully, we’re going to help you find the answers you need by reviewing the names and website addresses of the leading fashion related Tumblogs.

A large number of the best fashion blogs are exclusively on Tumblr, and even if some of the big brands have their own websites or blogs, they’ve still got a presence on the micoblogging and social networking site. So, by exploring the naming styles and URLs of these blogs, you should get a clear picture of what to call your blog, and how to choose an appropriate Tumblr username or domain name for it.

As you go through the list, there are quite a few noteworthy points to look out for:

1. Personal, Brandable and Descriptive Names

Basically, there are 2 main types of names with regards to the words used to compose it. The first is a brandable name that consists of a unique and made up word, name or brand, including a person’s name. And the other is a descriptive name that contains generic words used in a descriptive way according to its literal meaning.

As such, a descriptive naming technique that produces names like ‘Another Fashion Book’, ‘Models Off Duty’, and ‘The Business of Fashion’, is one option to be considered when choosing how to name your blog. You could also take this method one step further, and instead of a succinct 2 or 3 word generic name, there’s the option to use a longer phrase, question or statement as a blog’s name, like ‘What Do I Wear’, ‘But I’m a Tomboy’ or ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’.

Alternatively, you could use your own name to be your blog’s name, such as ‘Alex Chung’, ‘Danni Se Valor’, ‘Erin Fetherstone’, ‘Eva Chen’ or ‘Stefano Gabanna’. Or, come up with a unique name that’s as one of a kind as possible, like ‘Backyard Bill’, ‘Styled On’, ‘Oh So Coco’, and ‘Fashion Coolture’.

2. Blog Names & Tumblr URLs or Website Addresses

One of the most misunderstood and often confused issues about Tumblr blog naming, is the relationship and difference between a blog’s name and its Internet website address or URL.

Evidently, they can both be exactly the same (such as ‘Create The Group’ and http://createthegroup.tumblr.com/) or they can be different (like ‘A Textbook to Fashion’ and http://textbook.tumblr.com/). Most of the time, when they’re not the same, it is because an abbreviated version of the longer name is used in the URL. For example, The Council of Fashion Designers of America is shortened to just CFDA in its Web address at http://cdfa.tumblr.com, which is a lot easier to remember and type.

Where possible, it is better if both of them are the same, but when a blog’s name is too long, there are advantages to shortening the name for the URL if it’s possible. However, it really depends on the name and the nature of the abbreviation. For instance, acronyms such as CFDA are an appropriate way to name the site’s URL, as The Council of Fashion Designers of America may be known as CFDA anyway. But, for a name like ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’, the essence of the name may be lost if it’s edited down to DHYWTD.

3. Domain Names vs Tumblr URLs

Another interesting thing you’ll notice from the 40 URLs of the top Tumblr fashion blogs is the different type of domain names and formats used. The most common is the regular free sub-domain provided by Tumblr, such as http://catladysoul.tumblr.com or http://carolina-prep.tumblr.com, but blog owners who understand and value the significance of branding will find it important to host their Tumblogs under their own domain name like http://www.artshesaid.com/, http://www.fashioncoolture.com.br, and http://styledon.com.

If you’re in two minds about whether you should get your own domain, go ahead and get it. You may not have to use it immediately, but the last thing you want is to have someone else register it before you do. And in case you’re unaware, always go for the dot com (.com), as that’s the most widely used and recognized domain extension.

4. Short vs Long Names

A well-created name that’s lengthy is certainly as good as any other name, but on the whole, names that are short, sweet and simple are easier to remember.

Almost all of the names in this Top 40 list are relatively short comprising of two to three words at most, which is the sweet spot as far as blog names go. But for the sake of comparison, you can see how names like Elle or StyledOn are a lot more elegant and in a totally different league compared to ‘Dress How You Want to Dress’ or ‘But I’m a Tomboy’.

The longer and quirkier names may be cooler in some respects, but they may not be as timeless as something like ‘Milk Studios’ or ‘Les Femmes’, which are just high quality and indisputably solid brand names. In between, names like ‘Fashion Gone Rogue’ and ‘Oh So Coco’ are also good names that are creative and should resonate with a fashion centric audience perfectly.

Okay, without any further delay, here are the names of the Top Fashion Blogs on Tumblr you’ve been looking for. Do note that they are simply listed alphabetically and not in order of quality or popularity.

  1. A Textbook to Fashion (http://textbook.tumblr.com/)
  2. Alex Chung ID (http://alexachungid.tumblr.com/)
  3. Another Fashion Book (http://anotherfashionbook.tumblr.com/)
  4. Art She Said (http://www.artshesaid.com/)
  5. Backyard Bill (http://www.backyardbill.com/page/)
  6. But I’m a Tomboy (http://but-im-a-tomboy.tumblr.com/)
  7. Carolina Prep (http://carolina-prep.tumblr.com/)
  8. Cat Lady Soul (http://catladysoul.tumblr.com/)
  9. Council of Fashion Designers of America (http://cfda.tumblr.com/)
  10. Create the Group (http://createthegroup.tumblr.com/)
  11. Danni Se_valor (http://dannisevalor.tumblr.com/)
  12. Dress How You Want to Dress (http://dresshowyouwanttodress.tumblr.com/)
  13. Elle (http://tumblr.elle.com/)
  14. Erin Fetherston (http://erinfetherston.tumblr.com/)
  15. Eva Chen (http://evachen212.tumblr.com/)
  16. F*ck Yeah Chubby Fashion (http://fuckyeahchubbyfashion.tumblr.com/)
  17. Fashion Coolture (http://fashioncoolture.com.br/)
  18. Fashion Gone Rogue (http://fashiongonerogue.tumblr.com/)
  19. Giambattista Valli (http://giambattistavalli.tumblr.com/)
  20. Les Femmes (http://lesfemmes.tumblr.com/)
  21. McQ (http://www.m-c-q.com/)
  22. Milk Studios (http://milkstudios.tumblr.com/)
  23. Models Off Duty (http://fuckyeahmodelsoffduty.tumblr.com/)
  24. Nickel Cobalt (http://nickelcobalt.tumblr.com/)
  25. Nicola Formichetto (http://nicolaformichetti.tumblr.com/)
  26. Nova Style (http://www.novastyle.org/)
  27. Oh So Coco (http://oh-so-coco.tumblr.com/)
  28. OMG that dress! (http://omgthatdress.tumblr.com/)
  29. Oscar PR Girl (http://oscarprgirl.tumblr.com/)
  30. Pulp Girls Vintage (http://thepulpgirls.tumblr.com/)
  31. Regular Ol Ty (http://regularolty.com/)
  32. Stefano Gabanna (http://stefanogabbana.tumblr.com/)
  33. Styled On (http://styledon.com/)
  34. Suz in the City (http://suzs.tumblr.com/)
  35. The Business of Fashion (http://businessoffashion.tumblr.com/)
  36. The Style Student (http://nicoleloher.tumblr.com/)
  37. The Vegan Fashionista (http://theveganfashionista.tumblr.com/)
  38. V Magazine (http://v-magazine.tumblr.com/)
  39. What Do I Wear (http://what-do-i-wear.tumblr.com/)
  40. What I Wore (http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/)

What are some of your favorite Fashion blogs on Tumblr or anywhere else on the Internet? Post them in the comments section below to share more naming ideas for other readers who are looking for inspiration on what to call their blog.