Be as Detailed as Possible when using Descriptive Names for Niche Blogs

Whenever it is possible, you should try to use a name for your blog that is as accurate as possible in describing your content so that your intended audience can find you easily and other visitors are not misled into thinking you offer something that you don’t.

Although you intend to start a fashion blog and you’ve decided to use a descriptive naming strategy, you don’t necessarily need to use the word ‘fashion’ in the name.

Women’s Leather Boots

This is because you want to be as unique as possible and try to describe precisely what your blog offers to its readers. For example, you may be a leather boots fanatic and most of your blog is going to cover the latest fashion in women’s leather boots.

The Fashion Blog

In this case, if you go for an overly generic name like ‘The Fashion Blog, it’s not going to be appropriate because visitors who come looking for general fashion information are not going to find it, and people who are truly interested in leather boots for girls are not going to know that’s what you focus on when they see your blog’s name.

Footwear Fashion Trends

Something like ‘Footwear Fashion Trends’ may be a little more appropriate since you’re zooming in on shoes, but it’s still a bit misleading as you’re only offering content about one particular type of footwear. Furthermore, even when it comes to that specific type of footwear, namely boots, you’re only going to talk about ‘leather boots’, and to top it all off, you’re not even going to discuss men’s boots but only leather boots for women.

Trendy Women’s Leather Boots

Ideally, you should go with something like ‘Trendy Women’s Leather Boots’ and try to zero in as tightly as possible if you’re going to be a blogger who concentrates on offering detailed content around a specific niche or sub-niche.

Some of you may be concerned that a name like ‘Trendy Women’s Leather Boots’ with 4 words is too long for a blog’s name. Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big issue at all. In fact, when you’re starting out, it’s normally a good idea to be as niched or focused as possible in order to establish yourself as the authority in an area where you have a lot of knowledge and bucket loads of passion and interest.

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