Get Feedback & Suggestions for your Fashion Blog’s Name

Are you trying to find an awesome name for your new fashion blog or wondering whether you’ve got a cute name for your existing blog?

If so, just post what sort of feedback or help you’d like in the comments section below to let our team and other readers contribute cool names, thoughts and suggestions.

Regardless of whether you’re totally lost for ideas on what to call your new site, or maybe you’ve narrowed down a list of options and want to gather opinions on which one is best, come and tap on our community to give you a hand.

Or, you might be thinking about changing your blog’s name to one that sounds way cooler but can’t make up your mind on whether you should take the leap, just post the details to get free feedback.

Note: Please try to share as much details as possible. For example, if you’d like name suggestions, it’s a good idea to share what your blog will be focusing on, examples of other names you like and some information about yourself as the blogger who’s writing the blog.

146 thoughts on “Get Feedback & Suggestions for your Fashion Blog’s Name

  1. Taylor

    Im making a fashion instagram and youtube account maybe a blog in the future.
    My name is Taylor. I’m 15 years old. I love to clip out things that inspire me and put it in a binder. I’m obsessed with fashion and making outfits. my life. My favorite color is purple but cream is also very nice and lately I’m into lace. My favorite piece in my closet is my pink leather jacket. I really nead some good ideas.

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Hey Taylor – it’s a good idea to think of a cool blog name now, even if you may only start writing it in the future. Ideally, you should try to use the same name/username for your blog and across all your social media accounts if you can.

      It would be good if you can share some examples of the types of names you like. With so many naming styles and options, it’s much easier to offer suggestions that are tailored to ones you think are cute or simply awesome.

      From the information you shared, here are some ideas to get things started:

      Purple Cream
      In My Closet
      My Pink Jacket
      Taylored Fashion
      Obfashion (obsessed + fashion)
      Pink Lace
      Purple Taylor
      Laced Leather

  2. Morgan

    I love metallic and neon and leopard with cheetah and zebra so I need to revolve around that sort if topic and I need a blog name for my blog and a slogan to put on it can u help me please???


    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Hey Morgan,

      Miss Monsta sounds great. It’s short, catchy, rolls off the tongue and memorable.

      Here are some other options:

      Metallic Monsta
      Metallic Zebra
      Miss Cheetah
      Neon Monsta
      Neon Cheetah
      Monsta Morgan
      Metallic Morgan
      Cheetahs & Zebras
      Miss Metallic

      That should get you going. Share more feedback to get further ideas. With regards to a slogan, a bit more information about your blog’s content, style and targeted readers would be needed to come up with an appropriate slogan.

      Good luck with your naming.

  3. Rebecca

    Please can somebody email because I have a lot of names and would appreciate talking over email as that’s all I can access right now.

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Hey Rebecca – Just click on “Contact” to submit your names and message. Ideally, it would be good if you can post what you have in mind here so that we can share suggestions for the benefit of everyone who may be trying to name their fashion blog.

  4. i the collective

    a collection of unique finds from fashion,jewellery,bags,found in vintage stores around australia and overseas.My most favourite things to find and buy are jackets,vests,bags and triklets

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Hello – it would be good if you can share examples of naming styles you like.

      Here are some ideas:

      Triklet Treasures
      F Collective
      Vintage Finds
      Fashion Collection
      Jacket, Vests and Bags
      Vintage Vests

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Howdy Zara,

      Fashioni-Star sound great, but it may be quite hard to verbally share your blog address with your friends. ‘fashionsta’ is quite overused as well, as there are a lot of blogs with similar names.

      Adding a hypen to creatively split up a popular word is visually cool, but generally it doesn’t make it a great name.

      Try to make your blog’s name unique to you in some way. Identify your qualities, styles, interests, passion and then use something that’s relevant to you to innovatively come up with a clever or cute name.

  5. Sarah

    It would mean ALOT, if you could help me figure out a name for my blog. Ive been trying endless names, but none of them seem to work. One word I want to incorporate into my blog name is “Modest” , but i cant find a name.. btw I’m making a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. Your help would mean TONS. Thanks so much!

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Sarah – if you check out some of the other posts and replies below (and above), you can see that it is much easier to offer cool suggestions if you provide more information about yourself, your blog and examples of great names you like.

      For now, all we’ve got is ModestSarah πŸ™‚

  6. Melissa

    Hello, I want to have a good name for my youtube channel, where I will be talking about my life interest/experiences and also about products that I’m going to review, like shampoo’s, face-masks, color lenses, etc. So I’m searching something in between those subjects. Since I will be mostly vlogging about it.

    Hope you guys can help me out!

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Hi Mellisa – what type of ideas do you currently have in mind or like? Would be cool if you shared some examples of names you feel are awesome so that we have some relevant naming styles to suggest.

      For now, here are some that are built around the word ‘beauty’ and your name:

      The Beauty Bucket
      Beauty Vox
      Beauty by Melissa

  7. Clare

    I don’t have a blog yet but am really interested in starting one. I’m stuck for names though. It’s going to involve fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. I’m interested in becoming a fashion stylist, so I was thinking something like ‘TheStyleJournal’ or ‘TheStyleBlog’. My tumblr’s name is ‘Chic Wanderlust’ so I was thinking of keeping that? I just can’t decide! Opinions please?

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      You’re doing the right thing Clare – search for a good name and develop the concept of your blog before actually starting it. In fact, you can even start writing posts already, and build up a collection of articles so that you can give your new blog a jump start.

      Names that use ‘the’ at the beginning are a good idea – it instantly gives authority to the site and gets readers to believe that you are ‘The’ Style Journal or *The*StyleBlog – both really nice names. The only thing to bear in mind is that a few other blogs may be using that same name already, but if that’s no issue for you, then go ahead.

      ‘Chic Wanderlust’ is awesome and a lot cooler. You should stick with that. It’s a catchy and cute name, and by using it, you’ll manage to maintain the same identity across your Tumblr and new fashion blog.

      1. Clare

        Thank you! I’ve decided I will stick to ‘Chic Wanderlust’. Thanks for your help, I really needed someone else’s opinion πŸ™‚

        1. admin Post author

          No worries. Good decision. Perhaps you should consider getting the matching domain name. The .com is taken and in use already, but ChicwanderLust.Net is still available to register.

  8. Stephanie

    Hi I wanted to start a new fashion blog, I previously named it something fashionista and it became very boring. I have green eyes and I want to make a professional fashion blog. I need a qwuirky unique name along side a fashion term e.g. fashionista, fashion, style…along side a unique word or name

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Stephanie,

      Yes, a quirky name is a good way to grab your target audience’s attention and to stand out from all the other fashion blogs.

      Can you share a little more about what ‘unique word or name’ you like. Since you would like to combine this word with a general fashion related term, this word will be the one that creates that magic in your blog’s name, so it’d be good if you share some examples of what you like, or what you would like to achieve. Perhaps even share what type of posts you’ll be writing about, and any particular angles you may be offering.

      As an example, by using your personal name for inspiration, you could create something like ‘Stephanista’ or ‘Stefanista’.

  9. Trix

    Hi. I really want to start a fashion blog today, but choosing and coming up with the perfect blog name is very much stressing. I really need lotsa help. Im thinking of a blog name that, sophisticated, chic, sassy and cute at the same time.

    I got a few in mind like, “Urbanchic” or “Pixiethinksfashion” or “urbanperfection” what can you say about it? Anymore suggestions? thanks in advance.

    1. admin Post author


      You can choose any name that sounds cool (or cute), but ideally it should be relevant to your blog’s content and/or elements of your identity. So, if you sit back to reflect on what you’ll be blogging about, you may get more ideas and inspiration. Although fashion may be your focus, dig deeper to identify any particular angles or niches that you may be passionate about.

        Urbanchic is nice but probably used by quite a lot of people already. If you want something truly unique, this may not be an option.
        UrbanPerfection is okay. Not full of character though.
        PixieThinksFashion is a lot more unique and memorable.

      Here are a few suggestions based around your name:

  10. Loana

    My name is Loana and I come from Switzerland. Clothes are my passion and I’ve been working in Γ  fashion shop for 3months. I travel quite Γ  lot.
    If you have some ideas with my name it Will be Nice :)))



    1. admin Post author


      There are various ways to create good blog names. It would help if you could share examples of some names you like so that it’s easier to suggest appropriate names. Here are some with your name in it:

      Loanna’s Passion
      Loanna Loves Fashion
      Loanna’s Log
      Lovely Loanna
      Floanna (Fashion + Loanna)
      Loashion (Loanna + Fashion)
      Loanna Likes
      Styloanna (Style + Loanna)

  11. Sara

    hi! I’m in love with fashion and I want to create a fashion blog, where I can show my ootd and some fashion trends. I think that the name has to create impact but I have no idea what name to choose!
    I don’t want to put ”fashion” on the blog’s name, is too predictable. Can you help me, please?

    thanks, Sara

    1. admin Post author

      Good decision Sara.

      There are too many blogs with the word fashion in the name and it’s wise not to do that in order to stand out. Here are 10 ways to name your blog without using the word fashion.

      It’d be great if you can share some examples of existing blog names you like, or point out any particular naming styles that you want for your blog’s name. As you can see from this list of 99 top fashion blog names, there are many ways to come up with an awesome name.

      If you can offer a bit more information on your taste and preferences, you’ll be able to get better suggestions.

  12. Kylie

    Hi !

    I read all the articles and you included some very good tips, but I still can’t find a good name for my fashion blog.

    First I wanted to focus on fashion for little money but I don’t want my blog name to stress on it. When you see my blog name, I want people to realise that it’s about fashion & style. I don’t like names with my own name included and I want to avoid ‘-ista’.

    I like names like: Style&Pepper, Oh so Coco, Backyard Bill, The Beauty Bucket & A Dash of Fash, because they are original and catchy. I would like a name with that kind of a fun twist! So my name can include food (I was thinking about something sweet), furniture, a city, a place, etc. I’m in for everything as long as it sounds fun and original but still classy. I hope you are able to help me! πŸ™‚

    1. Sam Post author

      Great brief Kylie, I wish other bloggers are as detailed as you when requesting for feedback.

      Here are some ideas based on the examples you shared:

      Classy & Sassy
      Caviar Collections
      The Glamour Ganish
      Sultry & Sweet
      The Beauty Brew
      Mashed Up Fash
      Bangers & Fash
      Style & Vinegar
      Styled Peanuts
      Salt & Vogue
      Coco Candy

      With regards to location oriented names, what city & places would you like the name to be based around?

  13. Kylie

    Thank you for the ideas, I really like them! πŸ™‚
    My favourites are: The Glamour Ganish, Mashed Up Fash, Style & Vinegar & Coco Candy! I’m just wondering what ‘ganish’ means, could you explain that to me? English isn’t my mother tongue, but I’m curious to know!

    I love everything British, shopping in big cities, glamour parties in the evening; so you can get dressed up all the way, fashion shows & romantic places.

    1. Sam Post author

      Oops … it should be ‘The Glamour Garnish’ (and not Ganish). Perhaps you may like this too. It’s a play on a food crossed with fashion naming theme.

      When you say British, ‘Fash & Chips’ comes to mind. Just checked in Google and there is another site using the name already, but you can also use it too.

      Here are a few other suggestions:

      All Dressed Up
      Runway Rants & Raves
      Bright Lights Big Wardrobe
      Posts on Paris
      Glitz & Glamour
      Styling Spree
      Deliciously Dolled Up
      Cocktail Collections

      Hope you manage to find something you like.

      Do post and let us know what you end up choosing.

  14. Kylie

    I sure do find something I like, thank you so much!

    Now I can’t choose between all these good suggestions haha!
    It goes between ‘The Glamour Garnish’, ‘Mashed Up Fash’, ‘Style & Vinegar’, ‘Glitz & Glamour’ and ‘Styling Spree’

    My other favourites are ‘Runway Rants & Raves’ and ‘Bright Lights Big Wardrobe’.

    I will let you know what my ultimate decision is.
    You’re doing a great job on this website! Keep up the good work!

    Kindest regards

    1. Sam Post author

      You are welcome Kylie, thanks for the kind words.

      Finding a good blog name is really tricky, and it’s a pleasure to be able to help anyone out who is in need of some inspiration or ideas.

      Good luck with your blog.

  15. wera

    My name is Weronika and I just created my first blog it is called style-life-beauty. At the beginning I thought it s good because that’s what I will be posting about but now I think its to long and simple. I want to add that I will be posting tips on how to feel better about the way you look and just all of that.
    I really hope you will help me with my new blog name πŸ™‚ <3 thank you and bye πŸ™‚

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Wera,

      You mentioned that Style-Life-Beauty is simple and a bit too long:

      Simple – can be a good thing. Makes it easy to remember. Some blog names are unique and fancy, but there are really classy and high quality ones that keep-it-simple.

      Too Long – yes, compared to a single or double worded name, this one may be a bit longer. But, it is only 4 syllables, which is still acceptable. Browse through some of the top fashion blogs and you’ll find great blogs with names that a much more of a mouthful.

      You could always abbreviate it to SLB. In terms of characters, it is definitely way shorter. But, pronounce it, and you’re only 1 syllable shorter.

      Unless you’ve got a name you really like now, it may be an idea to just hold off from changing the current name for your blog.

      You mention that you’ll be “posting tips on how to feel better about the way you look and just all of that” … well that would still be relevant within Style-Life-Beauty or SLB.

      If you change it to something that’s much more specific, it may be overly limiting. You never know, next month, you may think of other topics you’d like to write about.

      Good luck with your blog. Just focus on producing awesome content for now. That’s what really matters when kicking off a new fashion blog.

  16. Gabi

    HI! I’ve seen all the help and suggestions you’ve given to the girls and I found it great! you’re so helpful.
    I’m now wanting to start a fashion blog, and of course, can’t decide how to name it.
    Starting by me, just to give you some infomation: I’m an accountant, baker and master in communication (yes, all that, very different), and of course, i’m totally into fashion. I would like a the blog to have a short name, 3 words max, and wouldn’t mind having a sweet word on the name (is not a must, i would love to hear names with no sweet words too), eventhough until now nothing has convinced me. I thought of “baker in heels”, “cupcakes and vogue”… But i’m not totally convinced. Could you help me with this?
    Thanks a lot in advance! =)

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi there Gabi,

      Great to hear from you. Accountant, baker and fashion blogger … wow, great and unique combination πŸ™‚

      I really think you should incorporate one or both (accountant & baker) of these elements into your name, as it will instantly make your blog’s name stand out among the thousands of other fashion blogs.

      ‘cupcakes and vogue’ is okay, but too generic, and probably overused already.

      ‘baker in heels’ is spot on, especially if you’ve got a thing for heels. It just instantly grabs your attention and sets the imagination in motion, which is exactly what great blog names should do.

      The naming styles you’ve gone with are good. Just vary the words used and be creative in combining them. ‘Baker’ will resonate better with a lot of other female readers, and allow you to include a post or two about baking. ‘Accountant’ leans a bit more towards a boring image, but it may be suitable if you’re going to be posting about spreadsheets and income statements.

      For choice, i’d go with the ‘baker’ image.

      1. Gabi

        Hi Sam! Thanks a lot for your help! I really like “baker in heels” even though I don’t know why I still can not make the decission to buy the domain. πŸ™
        I also thought about the name “head over style”, since I first thought of the expression “head over heels”, which I love, but the domain was already taken… What do you think of that name “head over style”? A little bit confusing? Do you think it’s a good name for a fashion blog?
        Maybe “head over shoes” could also be a good name… But still cant’ find one name that convinces me COMPLETELY.
        What do you think?
        Thanks a lot for your kind help.

        1. Sam Post author

          Hey Gabi,

          I agree, your audience may not instantly connect ‘Head Over Style’ with the phrase head-over-heels. That said, it’s not a bad name, but ‘Baker in Heels’ is more memorable IMO.

          ‘Head Over Shoes’ is quite average. If you like the ‘Head-Over’ part, perhaps a 3rd word that begins with H will establish the link to head-over-heels more closely.

          How about ‘Bread-Over-Heels’? The first word doesn’t start with a H, but the ‘ead’ ending rhymes with ‘head’ perfectly.

          Btw, with regards to buying/registering domain names – you can get them for as low as $0.99 at if you use a coupon, so hunt around for deals instead of paying full price. Be careful not to buy all the other unnecessary add-ons as well, or the total bill could be a lot higher.

          Here are some Godaddy coupons you can try (i’m not sure if they still work):


          1. Gabi

            Thanks a lot Sam! You’ve been really helpfull.
            Congratulations on your blog, you do an amazing job!

            Kind regards!

  17. Salome

    hii dear , I’ve just found your blog , i read almost every article, but I’m still searching name for my fashion blog … I have really a lot of ideas but most of them are already ,,busy” …. i really wanted to call my blog ,,salomea” but it’s not available too . please, can you advice me something , i’ll be really grateful :))

    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Salome,

      You’ve got a wonderful name that’s really unique – it’s a good idea to develop your blog’s name around it.

      What do you mean when you say that ‘Salomea’ is “not available”. Are you referring to the .com domain name that is taken already? If so, you could use another domain name extension.

      Alternatively, you could add a modifying word and choose something like or which is available to register.

      If you share more ideas and examples of other names you like, i can try to offer more suggestions.

      Good luck in finding a great name for your blog.

  18. Kate

    I am really stuck trying to think of a name for my beauty/lifestyle blog. I really like blogs that have your name in (or a version of your name) like FleurdeForce, ReallyRee and Zoella but I want it to sound cute but professional also. Most of my friends call me Kate and my family call me Katy. Please help me?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Kate,

      Yes, that’s an effective naming technique when you can find a fitting phrase or word.

      No beauty/lifestyle phrase jumps to mind for now, but here are some play on words that incorporate your name. Maybe it will give you some ideas:


      Good luck finding a name and do let us know what you end up choosing.

  19. Katie

    Hi πŸ™‚ I really want a fashion blog name that sounds unique and that I’ll like for a extremely long time, but I can’t think of one πŸ™ I’m obsessed with the victorian era (1865 ish) I love dolls butterflies are my favourite animal I love purple/violette and lace animals and cute souding phrases in general πŸ™‚ thanks so much!

    1. Katie

      I really want a one worded blog mame and if possible to have my name or a nickname in it πŸ™‚ people have called me kitten or katie kat sometimes πŸ™‚ I really like zoella’s blog name πŸ™‚ I’m extremely into alice in wonderland and steampunk fashion too πŸ™‚

  20. Fatimah

    I’ve been chosen to write the fashion page for a magazine but I’m struggling to find a nice name that starts with the letter F. PLEASE HELP!
    I want something short and snappy but also really catchy e.g. cupcakes and cashmere, style and pepper etc.
    I came up with peachesandpearls but that was already taken πŸ™

    Me in a few words:
    Modest, Crazy, Vintage, (I like)Food, Simple, Pearls.


    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Fatimah,

      Congrats on your writing gig. You should get a great name so that readers can remember you and look out for your column.

      You said you’d like a name that starts with the letter ‘F’, but also mentioned you came up with ‘Peaches & Pearls’. Is the ‘f’ totally necessary?

      Anyway, here are a few ideas:

      Fashimah (or Fashima)
      Fash & Frolic
      Simple Style
      Sweet & Simple
      Fashion Crazy
      Modern & Modest
      Vintage View
      Pearls & Twirls

      By the way, what do you mean by ‘PeachesAndPearls’ is already taken?

      – Are you referring to the .com domain name? In which case you could use a .net or a instead if you’re from the UK.

      – Are you referring to the name on blogger/blogspot? If that’s the case, you can vary the spelling a little bit.

      – Do you mean that there is another blog or brand that is already using the same or a similar name? If you’re just using the name as a pen name, it may be okay to go ahead and use it as long as you don’t connect yourself with the existing brand name.

  21. elena

    hey, me and my sis are working a blog that has, fashion, traveling, beauty, diet tips, exercse tips, promoting of what is new, it all started from my sisters fb page COOL UR STYLE. do you thing its a nice name to continue?
    we both live in greece, I am blonde she is brunette…
    i liked a lot theblogazine but its already taken!!!
    I am so confused I dont know what to do with the name…
    ALSO i thought the ANGELgram
    cause my sisters name is angie and mine elena and instagram is so popular… but it is something I dont like…
    pfff help me a little bit..
    thank you!

    1. Sam Post author

      If your sister’s FB page at ‘Cool Ur Style’ has a strong following, you could consider it, but if not, you don’t have to limit yourself to it if you prefer something else.

      Since you’ll be working on the blog with your sister, the idea of blending both your names to be part of the blog’s name is perfect. It’s a great story to share with your readers and that will make it memorable.

      AngelGram is good. Unfortunately the .com domain name is taken already. is also registered too. One thing to note is that you could stick with any name you really like and just register the domain in another extension such as .net or maybe even .gr if you are only targeting readers in Greece.

      If you’d like to stick with a .com – is still available.

  22. Hannah

    Hi, thinking of changing my blog name as I’ve grown tired of it and I’m not sure if it’s good anymore?


    Possibly thinking of using my name? Hannahloves?
    Or my surname briggs? Middle name patsy?

    Or the word ‘fashion’ in there..
    So lost!

    Any ideas? Xx

    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Hannah,

      The current name is okay. HannahLoves is pretty good too. What you need to do is reflect on what you like about your blog, what you’d like to improve and what your ultimate goals are.

      Every blogger has second (or third) thoughts about their name. But that doesn’t mean you should change it when you feel like it. The effort is better spent in creating awesome content.

      If you feel lost now and you change the name – chances are, you’ll want to change it again in a few weeks or months when you start to think it’s not very good anymore again.

      Hope this makes sense. And apologies for the delayed response – totally missed your comment when it came through.

      Feel free to ask any other questions if you need more feedback.

  23. lauren


    I’m sixteen years old, and am starting my first fashion blog…I’ve started brainstorming names, and just wanted to get some feedback on what I’ve come up with. If it’s any help, I love black clothing shoes and bags, want to live in Manhattan, and I also love school!

    Here are my ideas:

    -16 Dresses
    -Curiously Confident
    -Manhattan Envy

    Thanks so much!:)

    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Lauren,

      ‘Curiously Confident’ is a great name. It’s memorable, meaningful and timeless.

      The other 2 are related to how you feel and your age at the moment – both of which will probably change. Hopefully, when you’re 21 or even older, you’ll still be curiously confident, so it’s a name that can stick with you for quite some time.

      The double C’s are fun to pronounce and make it even easier to remember.

      Good luck with your blog.

  24. Jharna Bharwani

    I wanna start by own fashion blog and I really like the name of Morgans blogg boobsandloubs and I wanted something like that if you could help me out. I would like the words bling/curvy/classy either to be used

    1. Sam Post author

      Jharna – To get custom suggestions to suit you and your blog, please can you share more about yourself, what you’ll be blogging about and anything else that’s relevant.

      1. Jharna

        I will be blogging about the latest trends and also what celebrities have been wearing at major events.

        Also since I’m studying fashion designing, I would like my blog name to be my official clothing label-line aswell!

      2. Jharna

        Oh and also I want my name or maybe my initial to be there if possible.

        I like the colour pink, bling, and I’m a bit on the curvy side so I thought that would be good to put in, but I’m really confused so if you could help me out.


        1. Sam Post author


          Here are some possible names for your blog, and even your clothing line:

          Classy and Sassy
          Pink and Bling
          The Curvy Side
          Just Jharna
          Custard and Curves
          Jam with Jharna
          Classy Curves
          Sassy and Sultry

  25. Hayley

    Hey! I’m not sure if you’re still doing this but I’ve been brainstorming a name for a fashion blog for ages and I came across this. I am pretty indecisive so I can’t settle on anything I come up with. Would you mind helping me out? I like the name Style Suite but the domain is already registered … I want it to sound professional and stay with me for a long time.

    here’s a bit about me:
    My name is Hayley, I like to create outfits that are comfortable while being stylish, I like orchids, coffee, and chunky sunglasses/shoes.


    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Hayley,

      If you like Style Suite you could register an alternative domain name extension if the .com is taken already. There are lots of great blogs using .net domains, or you could use a .ca if you’re from Canada.

      FYI is available.

      Here are some suggestions:

      Stylish Hailey
      Orchids and Outfits
      Suite Style
      Chunky Coffee
      Haute Hailey
      High on Hailey

      Do share any other names you come up with if you’d feedback. For more suggestions, please post some names of existing blogs that you really like.

  26. Janee Caballero

    Hi. I’m currently making a blog where i’ll be posting my ootd’s and places/restos/cafes/boutiques that i’ve visited and also some stuff that i have purchased and/or been doing. It would be better if the name of my blog is kind of related to the stuff that i’ll be posting and to the genre of the things that i like the most. Also, i would like to ask of some ideas that will help my blog be a better one by suggesting a username that’s also related to my blog name. Thank you and hope to hear from you very soon.

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Janee,

      It’s hard to offer good suggestions without knowing a bit more. Please can you share:

      1) some examples of names you like, and even ones you don’t
      2) a bit about yourself – physical characteristics, place you live, or anything that you may want to be included in the name (ie. Brooklyn Beth, Little Lucy or Dining with Diana)
      3) do you want your personal name to be in the blog name – yes, no, maybe?
      4) anything else you can think of


  27. Kierra

    Hi I currently have a blog called Have had i for 1 year. Its starting to pick up( only have 130 followers) but i can tell its growing. I’m thinking about changing it before I get stuck with a name I dont like. My blog is all about beauty tips for beginners like me and fashion but with my personalized touch. I work in fashion and do alot of OOTD stuff. Every day I have one OOTD post and then one makeup related post. its all things that pertain to my style. My biggest thing is trying to get more SEO. Here are a few of my ideas but I would love to hear your suggestions.

    “Sincerely Kierra
    “Simply Kierra”
    “Keeping up with kierra”
    “Oh So Kierra”
    Thank you!

    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Kierra,

      You’ve got a great blog – you write well and your titles are nicely crafted. Looks like you’ve got a great way with words. Love your current blog name too.

      “before I get stuck with a name I dont like” – why don’t you like it? Is it because of the .org, or do you not like APrettyThought? Many people would think it’s perfect, as is your tagline ‘The Good, the Bad & the Pretty’.

      If it’s the .org that bothers you then that’s understandable. It looks like is an existing blog too with a similar focus, so that’s not very good. You could get but that may cost 1-2k.

      “My biggest thing is trying to get more SEO” – what do you mean by this? Is this one of the main reasons why you want to change your blog’s name? If you’d like some feedback on SEO, please post back. For now, just know that changing your name will not automatically help your search rankings. In fact, it may make them worse.

      From the few options you shared, “Simply Kierra” and “Keeping up with Kierra” stand out. You have the ability to come up with a great name yourself – just start by thinking through why you’re doing it, and what you want to achieve from the new name before diving in. As always, identifying the naming styles you like really helps to narrow down the hunt.

  28. Easher

    Hello. I’m an island girl, from the Turks and Caicos specifically. I want to start a blog covering the islander’s approach to beauty and fashion in my community. The thing is, in my neck of the woods, everything either has “TCI” or “Caicos” in it and I wish to stay away from that. The only way I would let something with “Caicos” pass is if it stands out enough!

    I also want to add that I wouldn’t mind the name being on the opposite end of the “island” theme spectrum —so long as it meshes with the fashion and beauty concept. The only thing I came up with was “Caicos Confidential”

    I don’t mind using my name but i don’t want it to come across as a small case of narcism.

    I am a former beauty queen, model and work as a journalist. I love bright color palettes, stilettos and the turquoise waters that surround my islands! The universe always manages to get me in the presence of stars and prominent figures around the Caribbean and at some pretty cool events. More importantly, I love to share my knowledge for the benefit of others.

    I hope I have provided some good details and I appreciate the help!

    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Easher,

      Sorry for the delayed reply – been super busy this week.

      Great brief – totally understand where you’re coming from. You seem to have a clear vision of what you want and something like “Caicos Confidential” obviously proves you have what it takes to come up with a great name.

      Perhaps what you need to do now is focus on the profile of your blog’s audience and the content you’ll be publishing in order to get further naming ideas.

      From what you shared, these jump out at me:

      Turquoise Stilettos
      Fashion Palette
      Meshed Up
      Bright Canvas
      Isle of Style

      Do share more about yourself or your blog and we can try to work on more possibilities.

  29. Adar

    Hi Sam

    I had read all your answers above and it was very inspiring.
    I’m trying to launch my own fashion blog but I couldn’t find any unique name that will match my personality and is also not occupied

    My name is Adar (its an hebrew name) so I guess nothing would sound good with that name.
    I have a blonde/golden puffi curly hair – this is the first thing people notice about me. I love to buy vintage clothes and match them with modern stuff. also i’m really good at finding bargains.
    I like the names
    curly girly
    rock my heels/closet
    but all of those names were already taken
    can you help me find a catchy name that will suits my personality?

    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Adar,

      I checked the names you mentioned and it seems that all their .com domains are registered already – i presume that’s what you mean when you say they’re taken/occupied.

      First of all, i think that the names you came up with are quite good. Looks like you’ve got a natural talent for creating good names. You should continue to develop more ideas – keep on going until you find something that’s available to be registered.

      The 4/5 names you shared are pretty awesome. Awesome .com names are usually taken already. Your challenge should be to stretch your creativity to the max till you find something that no one else has thought of yet.

      Secondly, you asked – “can you help me find a catchy name that will suits my personality” – unfortunately, you haven’t shared much about your personality. Apart from your hair, your love of vintage clothes and your interest in finding bargains, you haven’t shared much about your character, personality, or anything specific in order to build a blog name around.

      Thirdly, Adar is a great name. It is possible to base your blog’s name around it – so you shouldn’t instantly come to the conclusion that “nothing would sound good with that name”.

      Here are some ideas from the names you shared: – taken – taken – available – available – available -taken – available – available

      Yes, I can try to help you find a catchy name that suits your personality. Just share as much as you can about yourself and i’ll come up with some suitable suggestions.

    2. adar

      Sorry for the delayed reply.
      First of all, thank you for your kindly answer above.

      About myself – actually I’m a young lawyer from Tel-Aviv, so Starting my own fashion blog will be, at the beginning, as a hobby.

      For me, dealing with Fahion is fulfilling the dream I pushed aside, so I thought maybe the name of the blog will indicate that I’m once and for all – daring to fulfill my dream…..

      I really have a good sense of styling and I want to write about
      Street style and urban fashion – to show how young ladys can mix and match clothes with law budjet and to give tips about finding stuff.

      I want the name will be cool and sophisticated but not braggart.
      Hoped that I succeeded to describe my vision…

      1. Sam Post author

        Great authentic story. You should consider branding yourself as the lawyer who’s got a love for fashion. That would make you different and memorable.

        Some potential names that may fit:

        Legal Fashionista
        Scales of Fashion
        The Style Judge
        Fashion Counselor

  30. Daisy


    I’m wanting to start a blog that includes fashion, beauty, food, health and maybe travel but I’ve no idea what to name it.

    I had thought of some basic ideas however they all relate to mainly fashion but I did think of:
    ‘Culture Charm’
    ‘A Pretty Thought’
    ‘Love of Lemonade’

    Have you got any other suggestions or opinions on my ideas?

    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Daisy,

      ‘Culture Charm” – this is a great name. It’s neutral enough for you to cover all the topics you’ll be blogging about.

      ‘A Pretty Thought’ – this has been used quite a bit. It may be a good idea to find something more unique.

      ‘Love of Lemonade’ – this seems like a good example of a unique blog name. Unfortunately, there appears to be a LoveAndLemonade Photography and a Lemonade fashion brand with a website at – perhaps you can develop the concept a bit further to make it different.

      Keep thinking. You’ve got what it takes. Just write down anything that comes to mind and post back to bounce some ideas around.

      1. Daisy

        Culture Charm is really starting to grow on me.

        But I’ve thought of a few more:
        -Crumpled Dreams
        -Bodacious Moments
        -Jaded Thoughts
        -Like a Beyond


        1. Sam Post author

          Jaded Thoughts & Crumpled Dreams are good but a bit too negative IMO

          Bodacious Moments is a contender. Bodacious is a great word, if you like it too, maybe you can try it with some other combinations

  31. mansi s.

    i am looking for a blog name . it is about my fashion work and photography.
    if you could give some words/phrases from alphabet “s” or “m”,or any good combination .

    1. Sam Post author

      You have to share more information to get relevant suggestions. Please read some of the other questions and replies.

      1. mansi s.

        i am into designing outfits, style them, doing photoshoots for the outfit created. i want to put all these under one page. looking for a blog/page name without using the word fashion or personal style will also be featured in the page.

        names i came across are- blessed dressed.,clothing or everything,all my money goes to zara.
        i wish to add another name instead of zara..(all my money goes to—).
        Need your suggestions.

          1. mansi s.

            for me less is more….yes i love to experiment..but not really fancy..i am not a follower, i do dress according to the location…and occasion. best described is keeping it simple yet chic. pink and too much of bling is something i don’t prefer at all..

            blog names i like- blonde salad- by chiara ferragni, bluejeans_blackshirt, instalmanya, cupcakes and closet, classykindofsassy, fashionairy

          2. Sam Post author

            Thanks – there’s a lot more to bite on there.

            Here are some ideas:

            Outfits and Occasions
            Simple Yet Chic
            Elegant Experiments
            A Touch of Taste
            Frocks and Photoshoots
            F Stop
            Stylish Relish
            Dress Du Jour
            Sassy and Snazzy
            Spiffy Sprinkles

  32. mansi s.

    thank you for all the suggestions.
    i liked frocks and photoshoots, dress du jour, and spiffy sprinkles.
    i am just not sure which one would sound good for the blog and for my brand clothing line in future.
    please help.

  33. Rebecca

    I would like to open a fashion blog with fashion update, lookbook and may online selling some clothes or accessories. Now thinking of the name:
    Valerie fashion blog
    Re fashion
    My Refashion
    Fashion Passion
    Style yr Own
    style bop
    Simple Classy
    Classy Styler
    Classy sassy

    1. Sam Post author

      Good list. You can tweak some of the names you came up with to get more choices.

      Classy Sassy – Sassy & Classy, Classy & Sassy, Classily Sassy, Sassy Class, Classy Sass
      Fashion Passion – Passion for Fashion, A Passion 4 Fashion. Passionate Fash
      Simple Classy – Simply Classy, Simple & Classy, Classy Simplicity

      If you’re determined to get the matching .com domain for your blog’s name, then some of these options may not be viable. But if you’re open to alternative extensions or will be a using a Blogger/Tumblr/WP url, then you should be okay with most of them.

  34. Mona

    Hello peeps!
    I’m starting a blog and I have few names in my mind. Please tell me which one do you guys like the most-

    ~ Shopalicious
    ~ The Stylish Skins
    ~ The Style Grenade
    ~ Fashionology

    1. Sam Post author

      Shopalicious and Fashionology are great brandable names but they are probably used by quite a few other sites or products already.

      Style Grenade and Stylish Skins are more unique, and cool.

      I like ‘The Style Grenade’.

  35. Shivi

    I nd my frnd hve thought of writing a fashion blog..we r jst novice in dis however we want to gve our bst shot..we both r in computer engineering…I m a simple, technical,funloving nd enthusiastic person..My frnd too is swt nd simple nd loves fashion..We will be writing mainly abt the fashion of indian women..So we wnt sme nice nme fr our blog..we thought of elegance while being desi…kindly suggest some..

    thanku ..

    1. Sam Post author

      ‘elegance while being desi’ could be shorted to simply ‘Elegant Desi’, or how about …

      Desi Style
      Desirable Desi
      Stylish Desi

  36. Ramcena

    Hii, I really need a help with finding a name for my blog, my blog will be basically about fashion, styling tips, beauty.. Pretty much abit of everything

    1. Sam Post author

      Ramcena – you have to share more info to get good suggestions. i.e. list of blog names you like, a bit about yourself, some names you came up with etc

  37. ramona

    hello, my name is ramona and i m thinking about a fashion blog but i can not get a name for it. I m working in fashion industry for many years as a model. i would like to name it something between my name and runnway. i love glam, a bit opullent:) could u help me please coz i m really lost…thank u

    1. Sam Post author

      Here are some ideas:

      Runway Ramona
      Runmona / Ramoway / Ramonay
      Gramona / Glamona (Glam + Ramona)
      Framona (Fashion + Ramona)

  38. Sylvie

    Hi! I’m going to start my own fashion blog but I want to pick the perfect name! I’m from Missouri so I was thinking something like “Midwest Hipster” or maybe “That’s So Sylvie”
    What do you think?

    1. Sam Post author

      Midwest Hipster is perfect – especially if you’ll be blogging about hipster fashion.

      ‘That’s So Sylvie’ is okay too. You could also consider combining your name with ‘Style’ to get alliterative options like ‘Sylvie’s Style’ or ‘Stylish Sylvie’.

  39. Aishah

    Hey there! Ok, so I have had a blog for quite some time now it’s “Sincerely, Aishah” I feel it’s very blah and not that appealing of a name.

    I blog about:
    Random thoughts

    I like alliteration names, names with the word Couture. I also like names such as tea and alexander mcqueen, or ‘a beautiful mess’

    I want something simple, yet interesting. I wouldn’t mind something that doesn’t JUST have fashion in it since I blog about a lot of stuff

    1. Sam Post author

      Sorry for the late response Aishah, here are a few ideas …

      A Cup of Couture
      Pop Couture
      Sincere Style
      Girly Chaos
      Delicious Beauty
      Awesome Aishah
      Tinker Thoughts
      Life of Lux
      Style Selector
      Random Rambles
      Sassy Couture
      Stylish Sincerity

      Anything you like?

      1. Aishah


        Hmm, I like Life is Lux
        I really like ones that are 2 descriptive words but the complete opposite.. like a beautiful mess..
        i kinda wanted something that was like that but with couture or something. Idk like Clumy in Couture,, but i don’t really like the sound of that.

        1. Sam Post author

          Got you. A Beautiful Mess is quite ideal. Here are some others but not necessarily fashion related

          Clumsy Style
          Bitter Sweet
          A Fine Mess
          The Wise Fool
          Sweet Tart
          Casual Chic

  40. tonyvous


    Was looking into starting a personal style blog of my own and have been kicking myself looking for names. Here are a couple that I have created on my own, just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on them!

    The Mondain Citizen
    Tony a la mode
    My Little Tony

    **NOTE – Tony literally means fashionable or in style. Meant to be?

    1. Sam Post author

      Yeah, you’re right – didn’t know ‘tony’ means stylish

      adjective, tonier, toniest. Informal.
      high-toned; stylish:
      a tony nightclub.

      “My Little Tony” obviously rings with MyLittlePony … if that’s an association you don’t mind, or maybe even want, then this could be a good choice

      I’d just use the same name – tonyvous – as your blog’s name though.

  41. atilia

    hello …my name is atilia ..i new in fashion ..can you suggest the best name for me ..and i like classic and vintage..tq πŸ™‚

    1. Sam Post author

      Both are great names Ana.

      FYI, there are already blogs using the names ‘The Stylish Wanderer’ and also one at

      Someone has even got to ‘Layers of Style’, which is pretty cool too.

      ‘Lipstick Wanderer’ can be uniquely yours though if you like.

  42. Aishah

    HELP! I really like the blog name chaos and couture, but the blog name by that support google blogger is taken..but the person hasn’t blogged in over 3 years… what do i do?! I really like the name, it describes me. My blog is currently ‘Sincerely, Aishah’

    I wanted to keep signing off my blog posts like that, but have ‘Chaos & Couture’ by Sincerely Aishah or something.. There is no way I can have that right? :

    Can you think of another name.. I thought of Clumsy in Couture but someone already has a blog name clumsy couture..

    1. Sam Post author

      You could try the username ‘chaosncouture’ instead of ‘chaosandcouture’ at Blogger.

      Or, try setting up your blog at where the name may be available. It’s free as well.

  43. Radhika Suneja

    I’m from India and a computer engineer by profession. I have recently entered into the fashion industry and I’m planning to start a fashion blog really soon. Can you suggest me a few names?
    I like heels, makeup and classy stuff. And I like bling too.
    Also, I’m studying to be a fashion stylist in future.

    1. Sam Post author

      The Geeky Stylist
      Heels & Makeup
      Fashion Bytes

      Need to know what kind of names you like and more information about yourself or your blog.

      1. Radhika Suneja

        I’m definitely not a geek! And the blog will be mostly about shoes and clothes. What to wear according to occasion, body type etc. And it will also feature about celebrity styles and also DIYs and a little bit about makeup.
        I was thinking of My StyleList Diaries. But not too sure about it.

  44. Sarah Vaughn

    I’m having a hard time figuring out a catchy name for my fashion blog.
    A few things about my self, I am student, I love fashion of course , I live in Salt Lake City, I always wear lipstick ( love wearing lipstick), foodie, I love the heat (I love when its sunny) (originally from Florida), i love to travel, and I am avid Zara shopper.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      As you may have read in many of the other replies … in order to get suitable name suggestions, you need to share more details about the types of names you like, together with examples of existing blog names or any you have come up with yourself.

      You should also think through what you want to be known for – are you the lipstick loving foodie who loves the sun? Is that all? Is that the main thing you want people to say about you?

      With the current description you provided, here are some ideas:

      Salt Lake Sarah
      Lipstick Loving Foodie
      Stylish Sarah
      Vaughn Vogue
      Sunny Style
      Salt Lake Style

  45. Deniz

    Hello my name is deniz it means sea in english and I was thinking about starting a fashion blog but I couldn’t find that awesome name. I have curly,long and blonde (not natural) hair and I lΔ±ke names like “the blonde salad” and “curl N pearls” I really like this cool names and Δ± hope that you’ll find “the” name for my blog πŸ™‚ kisses

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Deniz,

      Here are some blonde inspired names:

      Pickled Blonde
      Curlie Blondie
      Beyond Blonde
      La Blonde Beau
      The Blonde Wand

      Curls and Twirls is a cool curl-focused name too

  46. Gabby

    Hello i am having a little bit of trouble to figuring out a nice name for a Fashion Blog. I wanted one that include “Gabby” in it…
    I hope you can help me with some… Thank you very much for you attention….

    1. Sam Post author

      You need to share more about you and your blog to get suggestions. Please read through some of the other comments and responses.

  47. Vanessa

    Hi there,

    I am actress who loves fashion, movies and books. My blog would mainly be about styling and movies/reviews and anything related to the acting world. I am disappointed to find out the blog name I wanted was taken and .ca was the only one available. Would love your thoughts on how I can tweak to my existing name or would love suggestions! πŸ™‚

    The ones I love are sweeter than fiction, paint me pretty and what a girl wants….

    1. Sam Post author

      The names you like are popular phrases and most of these will definitely be taken already in the .com domain name extension.

      If you’re from Canada, then a .ca domain could be an option, but if you prefer to stick to a .com, then you’ll need to wordsmith up some other names to see if they’re available to be registered.

      Here are some ideas …

      Fashion Over Fiction
      Style Up Close
      The Sweeter Screen
      Can 2 Can
      Freeze Framed Fashion
      Style Sequence
      Fashion & Flicks

      1. Vanessa

        Yes I am from Canada πŸ™‚ I wanted .com because it would be a universal site as opposed to just aiming towards a canadian audience. Thank you so much for the feedback. I love your suggestions! I should have also mentioned that I love the 1950s era of movies. Do you have any suggestions with incorporating that into a style blog name? Anything with the trigger words of simply devine? I thought of simply defined.

        1. Sam Post author

          SimplyDevine and SimplyDefined are good names. Unfortunately, both .com’s are taken already.

          You have a good grasp of coming up with catchy names – keep at it. The real challenge is thinking of one that still hasn’t been registered. So, you have to avoid the obviously popular phrases or add your own unique twist to one you like.

          Here are some names inspired by 50’s movies πŸ™‚

          Rebel Without a Style
          Girls Like It Hot
          All About Vanessa
          Styling in the Rain

          1. Vanessa

            Haha those are great, but not fitting for the style I’d like for me as a blogger. I love audrey hepburn and something modern and classy with a touch of film to the name would be amazing. I felt with your suggestions of screen and freeze framed sounded great. I am so new to making up a blog name so good to know I am on the right track. Here were some buzz words that I wrote down but I can’t seem to find one that hasnt been taken.

            Piece by piece
            screen siren
            simply devine
            sweet like fiction

            Sorry to keep messaging you. I am dying to come up with a name and buy a domain before its gone.

            also classic closeup. My name starts with the letter Z so any suggestions with that would be cool to see.

          2. Sam Post author

   is available to be registered.

            FYI – has a promotional $1.99 rate at the moment, so go grab it if you like the name.

  48. Avalon

    Hey my name is Avalon, and I really really need a good name.
    I am making a blog and YouTube acct. on beauty, fashion, & lifestyle. I am really struggling o figure out a great name that explains me. I wanted to get started in the summer, and its what?! OCTOBER Anyway I have a few ideas.
    Fashion Sundae
    Please add any others.
    I really really need help!
    P.S. I hope you’ll still answer even if this post was last year. πŸ™‚

  49. Hannah

    I’m a personal style blogger looking for name change. I post a lot of different content focused around fashion and just artsy stuff in general. I’m funny and am heavily obsessed with 80s pop culture. (it’s very much a part of my identity). I’m searching for a name that is 2-3 words long, catchy, and has some humor to it. And I’d love it to be ambiguous and not limit myself to only fashion (ie: the fashionista, cheap and chic, etc) but still elude to femininity. My current faves are: Man Repeller and Delightfully Tacky.

    I’ve gone through so many different words and play on words and would love some feedback from someone who’s already helped so many. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Hannah, here are some ideas …

      Two Fat 80s
      Deliciously Funny
      Over the Pop
      In Living Culture
      Hannah Ray
      Deliriously Wacky
      Woman on Pop
      Hilariously Hannah
      Painted Eighties

      Good luck with the name change. Do come back and let us know what you end up going with.

        1. Sam Post author

          You’re welcome – glad to help. Feel free to share any other options you’re considering if you’d like some feedback.

  50. Mauli

    Hii ,
    I want to launch my own fashion blog. I want to name my blog on my initial i.e M or on my name Mauli can u please suggest some names ??

    ***** REPLY ******

    Here are some ideas:

    Fashion M
    Mauli Style

  51. Shannon

    Hey! I can’t think of any good blog names. If any of you know who Zoella and Makeupbymandy24 are then I’m aiming to do stuff like them. Youtube, blogg, instagram about fashion, maeup
    , lifestyle etc. My name is Shannon, I’m 15 and I have brown hair and brown eyes πŸ™‚ Xx

    my current one is WhenWithMe which I have no idea why. I literally could not think of anything so i just popped that in, in the hope my brain would pop one day and Id’d have a brainwave. I also live in England snd I’m obsessed with lipstick and music! Xx

    PS: Thank you in advance! Xx

    ********* REPLY ***********

    WhenWithMe is a good option. It’s short, unique and meaningful.

    Here are some other ideas:

    Brain Pop
    Music & Lipstick
    Shannon Styled
    Smoked Shannon
    Brown Eyed Peace

  52. miranda

    i am looking for a blog name with something along the lines of thriftshopping. we are going to be posting all of our thrifted clothes and we want a cute/ unique name.
    ideas: poppin tags
    stuck on a budget
    thrift it off
    simply thrifted

    if you have any ideas please help!

    1. Sam Post author

      Hello Miranda,

      Here are some ideas …

      Nifty Thrifty
      Frugal Style
      Stretch the Budget
      Thrift Threads
      Just Thrift
      Thrift Around

  53. Komal

    Some good unique name for the fashion blog which I’m planning to start soon! My personal style is quircky, simple, basic & more neutral colors with comfort.

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Komal – please share more information about yourself, your blog, and any ideas you’ve got for your blog’s name to get some useful suggestions.

      Take a look at what other people have submitted when asking for feedback. Cheers.

  54. neel

    Hi Sam, my name is NeeI and i’m an accessory , and been very fond of fashion. i am been working on my fashion and lifestyle blog name since quite some time now and i came up with the name
    LOVE. FASHION.KARMA. but to my sad notice it inst available.

    things i love :
    – vintage
    – metals
    – floral
    – curls
    – travel

    after that i even worked up on names like :

    vogue and vagabond
    miss curly
    classy curls
    peonies to pearls

    but i dont think they are as impressives as

    can you help me with blog name for my blog and a slogan on similar lines… portraying my style

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Neel,

      I think some of the other ones you came up with are more unique than Love.Fashion.Karma … you should keep on trying to find something that sounds right as you seem to have a knack with wordplay.

      And then, maybe you can use Love.Fashion.Karma as your tagline.

      Try to focus on what’s unique about *you* and play on those elements. There are so many fashion blogs around so you want to get a unique name & brand in order to stand out. If possible, try to stay clear of the common fashion related words like vogue as they’ve been overused and you’ll just get lost in the crowd.

      Ask yourself – what is ‘portraying your style’?

      Your name Neel is unique. Maybe that’s a good starting point …. ie “Neel’s Heels”, “Neel in Heels” etc

  55. Jacqueline

    Hi Guys!

    I’m wanting to start a fashion blog and have literally been trying to decide on a name for over a year..

    Everyone calls me Jac so I thought of possibly using that in the title.. I’m also trying to think of something that would work well logo wise.

    I obviously love fashion, I would say my style is a mix of modern and classic, minimalist, understated. I love all the fashion magazines etc.

    A couple of ideas I thought of were:
    – Jac & Jil
    – I Hate My Skirt
    – Jac & Storm (my cat’s name is storm and I think it’s kind of cool :D)

    I’m looking for something different! Not your usual/stereotypical blog names and something that stays in peoples minds πŸ˜€

    I would appreciate any help!

    ***** REPLY *****

    Hey Jac,

    Wow, over a year is a long time to be searching for a blog name. It’s probably a good idea to make a decision so that you can get going first. You can always change the name in the future. The important thing is to start writing and building your audience.

    All 3 of the names you’re considering are catchy and unique. You’ve definitely got what it takes to come up with a decent name. The thing is, don’t try to be too perfect and all encompassing. Create as long of a list as you can with all the names you can think of and then get feedback from friends and family who fit the profile of your intended readers.

    Yes, ‘Storm’ is a cool name for a cat. As is ‘Jac’, so you’ve already got a good foundation to get creative from. It’s good to give thought to the logo, but it’s probably better to give more thought to the meaning behind the name you go with. Jac & Storm is nice, simple and meaningful. ‘I Hate My Skirt’ could have a memorable story. Jac & Jil sounds good, but you should be able to explain why you’re blog is called that.

    Best of luck! Do share any other names you’re considering and what you end up choosing.

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Jac,

      Did you manage to find a name that you’re happy with? Hopefully it isn’t another year before you share your blog with the world πŸ™‚


  56. Purva Indoria

    I am.planning to start my fashion blog from so long….bt nt.getting any name..
    My blog will be based on fashion styles… What to wear Hw to dress, basically it will be kind of fashion diaries will be full of fashion trends etc…please suggest a very attractive name….my blog will be totally colourful classy sassy it enhance d naughty side of girl….
    I want something very attractive full of fire spark…. Fun side should be der in my blog
    Thank you

    ***** REPLY ****

    Hello Purva,

    Here are some ideas to get you going …

    My Style Dairy
    Fashion Purva
    Classy & Cheeky
    Colourful Trends
    Sassy Sparks

    Do share the names you’re considering if you’d like more feedback.

  57. Nina

    I’m starting a fashion blog on Instagram where I’ll be showing pictures of my casual outfits that I put together myself. I get my inspirations from pinterest and certain celebrities. My style is very laid back and comfy sometimes I wear an outfit more than once. I like to mix and match things.

    ***** REPLY *****


    To get suitable suggestions, it helps if you can share some examples of names you like or ones you’ve come up with yourself.

    Without knowing what naming styles you prefer, here’s a mixed bag to get you going:

    Casual & Comfy
    Stylish Remix
    Laid Back Fash
    Inspired by Nina

    1. Sam Post author

      To get more ideas, just post some names of blogs you like. And better still, explain a bit about why you like the name. Equally useful is to highlight names you don’t like.


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