17 Basic Descriptive Naming Strategies for a Fashion Blog

One of the most effective ways of naming a blog is to describe what its about by using specific keywords that refer to the blog’s primary focus in terms of its content.

Alternatively, the name may describe aspects of the blogger’s character, outlook, where they are from, or some combination of the blog’s main topic and specific details about the author.

To give you an idea of some descriptive naming techniques, here are 17 examples of such names for fashion blogs:

  1. Add the word ‘Blog’ to your blog’s main area of focus (ie. ‘Fashion Blog’)
  2. Add the word ‘The’ in front for further emphasis (ie. ‘The Fashion Blog’)
  3. Use the word ‘Blogger’ instead of ‘Blog’ (ie ‘Fashion Blogger’)
  4. Use the word ‘Journal’ instead of ‘Blog’ (ie ‘The Fashion Journal’)
  5. If you’re focused specifically on news, call it something like ‘Fashion Newsdesk’
  6. If you’re offering instructional information, name it ‘The Fashion Guide’
  7. If you want to claim to be an authority, try ‘The Fashion Guru’
  8. If you intend to offer tips & advice, say so with ‘Fashion Tips and Advice’
  9. For a blog that covers everything, use a name like ‘The Fashion Zone’
  10. Alternative general names are ‘Fashion Central’ or ‘The Fashion Site’
  11. If you’re going to have everything that’s fashionable, consider ‘All Fashion’
  12. To be more specific on a particular niche, make it clear (ie. ‘Retro Fashion Blog’)
  13. Going to be critical about the industry? How about ‘The Fashion Critic’.
  14. Aiming to be like a magazine? Consider ‘The Fashion Mag’ or ‘Fashion Magazine’
  15. Only going to write about shoes? Use something like ‘Footwear Fashion Blog’
  16. Thinking of revisiting the past? How about ‘Old-School Fashion’?
  17. Gonna zero in on the clothes you wear? Just go with ‘My Fashion’

If you’d like to add your suggestions to this list, please enter them in the comments section below.

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