Cute Blog Name Ideas from 11 Fashion Blogs

Depending on your personal taste, there are a few strategies on how to create a cute fashion blog name.

If you’re looking for an ‘adorable puppy’ or ‘pretty cupcake’ type of cute, try using descriptive adjectives or words which are themselves cute and combine them with the fashion theme of your blog (ie Purse Pixie, Shoe Bunny or Fluffy Stuff).

Alternatively, if you’re after a witty and cleverly cute name, then you’ll have to be more creative and play around with interesting word combinations to produce a unique and quirky name (ie The Glamorous Bee or Chic Armoire).

To get your creative ideas flowing, here’s a selection of cute-ish names used by 11 fashion bloggers:

  1. Chic Armoire – This is clever and cute. An armoire is an ornate or antique wardrobe, so this name could be branded as destination for chic vintage clothing or used in a more general way for any fashion topics.
  2. Frappelattes – Unless there’s a deeper meaning, this made up name sounds like it was conjured up at a cafe in between a cup of Frappucino & Latte. It’s cute and unique but there’s no immediate connection with fashion.
  3. The Glamorous Bee – We don’t think of bees being glamorous, just as birds are not often thought to be angry. These types of names work well when they ar properly combined.
  4. Fluffy Stuff – Fashion or otherwise, anything fluffy or seemingly so is almost instantly cute. The assonance from the double ff’s certainly make it a lot cuter.
  5. Wrapped in Pink – This may not have a super high cuteness factor but it’s a great name for a blog that allows the writer to cover lots of topics.
  6. Shoebunny – If you want to cutify any blog’s name, just add a bunny to any other word. It doesn’t even need to be fluffy.
  7. Pearls & Caramel – An example of a ‘this and that’ name. Just pick 2 sweet sounding words and you’ll have a cutish name. This one is quite average though.
  8. Curls N Pearls – This assonantal name is cool, clever and unique, especially since there’s a different spelling for the parts of these 2 words that rhyme.
  9. Purse Pixie – Combining a nice sounding alliteration with a pixie is sure to produce a name that has a solid cuteness score.
  10. A Pretty Thought – A nice, simple and cleverish name. Thoughts are normally happy, sad or imaginative perhaps, but rarely considered to be pretty, so this is a nice bit of word play.
  11. Rambling Brooke – Not sure if Brooke’s ramblings have any of Babbling Brook’s meditative effects, but the name is cute enough to attract you to check out her rambles.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the reviews of these names. Even if some of them are not your cup of tea, they should have given you ideas on how to improve and adapt them to suit your style and the content of your blog.

Please feel free to contribute to this list, or share your feedback on these or any other cute fashion blog names by making a comment below.

10 thoughts on “Cute Blog Name Ideas from 11 Fashion Blogs

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Glad you liked them Benjamin. Hopefully, they’ve inspired the name for your fashion blog.

  1. Minorche

    Thanks for sharing. Great Ideas. Here’s my five cents worth.

    1) Pretty Shiny Sparkly
    2) SugarLaws
    3) The Tastemaker Diaries

    1. Abbi

      Yes, Curls & Pearls is a great name, there are blogs, boutiques, hair salons and other brands using the same name.

      Btw, what do you mean ‘it’s already taken’? Are you referring to the .com domain name, or the username at Blogger, Typepad or WordPress? If what you searched for is taken already, you can always:

      a) Vary the spelling a bit ie ‘Curls and Pearls’, ‘Curls N Pearls’ or simple ‘Curls Pearls’

      b) Add another word to create the blog name such as ‘CurlsNPearlsBlog’ or ‘MyCurlsAndPearls’

      Other similar names:

      – Curls and Twirls
      – Poodles and Pearls
      – Pearls and Popcorn
      – Girls and Curls

        1. Sam Post author

          You need to check whether it’s available and also be aware that there may be other websites and businesses using the same name already.

          Do a quick search in Google and you can see other brands with similar names.

  2. mansi

    i need some catchy names for a blog….itz abt my fashion work and photography as well….. please help……


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