14 Examples of Good Fashion Blog Names

Need ideas on how to make the name for your blog really cool? Check out the names of these 14 fashion, beauty and lifestyle related blogs.

There’s a mix of something for everyone. There are clever names, simple names, descriptive names, made up names and cool fashionable names that are memorable.

  1. Fashables – What do you do when ‘Fashionable’ is too long, too generic and you’re blogging about all things that are in fashion? Make it Fashables
  2. WhoWhatWear – A simple wordplay on Who-What-Where. Effective, relevant and memorable.
  3. Satisfashion – A clever idea of mixing Satisfaction with Fashion that’s produced a really great name. A perfect fit.
  4. I’ll Take Both – A lot of readers will resonate with this as we’ve all said this at some time when we can’t make our minds up or when we really like an item.
  5. Thrifty Cent – Nice relevant mix of 2 money oriented words that complement each other. A real bonus for thrifty to sound like fifty as well. Or is it fiddy.
  6. Pampered Passions – A well designed alliterative name with 2 words that fit nicely in describing what fashion fanatics do all day.
  7. Intimate Fashion – Nothing quirky or loud about this one, just simple and straight to the point, but effective nonetheless.
  8. Passion for Fashion – A nice sounding assonance with words that clearly communicate what the blog is all about. Been used quite a bit but still a good name.
  9. Brooklyn Blonde – A great name where each word tells you a bit about the blogger, and together, a brand is born.
  10. Glamour Goddess – Alliterations with relevant words are normally the foundations of a good name, this is one of them.
  11. The Budget Babe – Simple, rolls of the tongue nicely and gets the message across, all the ingredients of an awesome name.
  12. Visual Therapy – Memorable for those who need ‘retail therapy’ once in a while and those who don’t. Good names make sense to most people.
  13. Second Hand Shopper – Some may feel this is boring, others might think it’s quite catchy, but this descriptive name does work well.
  14. Obsessed – It’s short and been used as a brand for copious other things, but it will certainly resonate with potential readers on what they feel about fashion.

What’s your pick of the lot? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell us which are the best names in your opinion.

Better still, if you know any other really cool names for fashion blogs which should be added to this list, just fire away so we can create the ultimate list of names for fashion bloggers.

11 thoughts on “14 Examples of Good Fashion Blog Names

  1. Morgan

    Fabulously hot
    Dangerously cute
    Foxy mama
    Trendy woman
    Bare from the closet
    Deeply in love couture
    To hot for a designer

    1. admin Post author

      *** Reply ***

      Yes, Miss Monsta, they will undoubtedly help someone who’s looking for a cute name for their new fashion blog.

      1. nina

        hiiii……thanks a lot..hv been thinkin abt a blog name on the same lines…n loved styleably..
        gonna use it…thanks a ton!!!

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      A cliche to some may not be to others. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with the name.

      If the name is meaningfully relevant to your blog’s content or some element about yourself, then it may be a good fit. Otherwise, it’d be good to find a name where you can share a story behind it to create a memorable brand.

      Try playing around with different ideas and being totally clear on what your blog will be focused on, and the profile of your targeted audience. Your name should resonate with the people you’re trying to reach.

      If needed, start writing the first 5 to 10 posts of the blog first, even before the blog is live and before you’ve chosen a name. You’ll be surprised at how you may get lots of different ideas by thinking through your content first.

      Good luck.


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