65 Good Beauty and Makeup Blogs with Uniquely Cute Names

Are you searching for a big list of really creative beauty blog names to give you naming ideas for the new blog you’re planning to start about cosmetics, making up and being awesomely glamourous? If so, you’ve just found it, as we’ve got a compilation of 65 beauty focused blogs that use a range of [...]

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Names and URLs of the Top 40 Fashion Tumblr Blogs

It’s hard to find a really great name for your new fashion blog on Tumblr, especially when most of the good names are already taken, and there’s so much conflicting advice on what you should and should not do. Hopefully, we’re going to help you find the answers you need by reviewing the names and [...]

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Names of the Best 99 Fashion, Beauty and related Blogs in 2012

One of the best ways to get inspiration when you’re trying to find a good blog name is to take a look at what the best blogs are called. There are numerous sources listing their opinions of the Top10, Top100 or some other number of top fashion blogs, and there are lots of debates on [...]

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Cute Blog Name Ideas from 11 Fashion Blogs

Depending on your personal taste, there are a few strategies on how to create a cute fashion blog name. If you’re looking for an ‘adorable puppy’ or ‘pretty cupcake’ type of cute, try using descriptive adjectives or words which are themselves cute and combine them with the fashion theme of your blog (ie Purse Pixie, [...]

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14 Examples of Good Fashion Blog Names

Need ideas on how to make the name for your blog really cool? Check out the names of these 14 fashion, beauty and lifestyle related blogs. There’s a mix of something for everyone. There are clever names, simple names, descriptive names, made up names and cool fashionable names that are memorable. Fashables – What do [...]

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Be as Detailed as Possible when using Descriptive Names for Niche Blogs

Whenever it is possible, you should try to use a name for your blog that is as accurate as possible in describing your content so that your intended audience can find you easily and other visitors are not misled into thinking you offer something that you don’t. Although you intend to start a fashion blog [...]

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10 Creative Ideas for Naming a Fashion Blog without using the word Fashion

Basic descriptive keyword names are suited for some names but a lot of more adventurous bloggers prefer a cleverer and more sophisticated name for their blog. Here are a bunch of innovative ideas with suggestions for anyone who’s looking for a name for a fashion related blog that’s all about leather clothing and footwear. Use [...]

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17 Basic Descriptive Naming Strategies for a Fashion Blog

One of the most effective ways of naming a blog is to describe what its about by using specific keywords that refer to the blog’s primary focus in terms of its content. Alternatively, the name may describe aspects of the blogger’s character, outlook, where they are from, or some combination of the blog’s main topic [...]

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Get Feedback & Suggestions for your Fashion Blog’s Name

Are you trying to find an awesome name for your new fashion blog or wondering whether you’ve got a cute name for your existing blog? If so, just post what sort of feedback or help you’d like in the comments section below to let our team and other readers contribute cool names, thoughts and suggestions. [...]

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